Ink and Pen Notes: Pilot Vanishing Point with Pilot Black

Pilot Vanishing Point Maplewood XXXF nib

This pen and ink combo is a quiet but consistent worker for me. Actually, it’s the Vanishing Point XXXF nib and Pilot black ink (in a cartridge) that’s quiet and consistent. The barrel is interchangeable. It was inked up back on September 18th and I wrote it dry on Sunday. So it was just shy of four months of use. While it started and ended in the Maplewood barrel it did spend some time in the Red Bamboo barrel for variety. It’s one of the things I like about the Vanishing Points, the nibs are easily (and cleanly) swapped while inked.

I like using cartridges in the Vanishing Points since they have more capacity than the converters and are easy to handle. Since I’m not a fan of re-using cartridges this means I use Pilot ink. I like Pilot ink so this isn’t a problem at all. The black ink shows up nicely with the thin XXXF nib.

The pen performed perfectly over the four months it was in the pen. No skipping or hard starts. It was mainly a shirt pocket carry and was used for quick notes which explains the four months of use.

Even after four months there wasn’t any staining and the pen was easily flushed.

I’ve done this combination before so the pictures are repeats since my schedule and the weather didn’t cooperate for natural light photos.