Ink & Pen Notes: Sheaffer Balance Oversize with Montblanc Racing Green

Sheaffer Balance Oversize c. 1935 Marine Green with a stub nib and Montblanc Racing Green

The second fountain pen to go dry on me this week is my vintage Sheaffer Balance Oversize (c.1935) in a gorgeous marine green with a custom stub nib and Montblanc Racing Green ink. Montblanc Racing Green used to be on of my Favorite 5 Inks although it was dropped from the latest list. The ink’s appeal to me grows and diminishes over time but I do still like the ink. I find the more time between uses and the more I like it. Maybe I’m just trying to psychologically prepare myself for when I run out of this discontinued ink or make it last longer.

I inked it up back on December 27th so it lasted just over three weeks. The nib isn’t thin and I did use this pen more than a little, but I suspect I only got a partial fill from this lever filler.

Thin nibs are my preference for everyday writers and this nib isn’t thin. I do like stub nibs and this is a nice one, but it’s not a pen I use everyday or when I want to write quickly. I mainly use it at night when I’m writing to relax. It’s not a factory stub, but it was stubbed before it joined my accumulation.

The fountain pen and ink performed well right up until it went dry. There was some nice variation between the horizontal and vertical strokes but there’s not really a lot of shading from the Montblanc Racing Green.

Cleaning a lever filler is never quick and easy, but as far as lever fillers go this as quick to clean up. It was less than 10 minutes of tedium to remove all traces of the Montblanc Green.

The Sheaffer Balance Oversize will be returned to storage since I have plenty of other pens inked up. The pen is fun to use and looks great, but it’s not a daily writer.

2 thoughts on “Ink & Pen Notes: Sheaffer Balance Oversize with Montblanc Racing Green

  1. I’m fairly new to the fountain pens but a black c.1938 Oversize Premiere with I think an extra fine nib is my daily writer in my Bullet Journal. I currently ink it with Montblanc Mystery Black. I need to keep my eye on when Montblanc issues their special edition inks!

    • Hi Duane,
      I like your choices! I’ve yet to meet a vintage Sheaffer nib I didn’t like and Montblanc is my favorite ink brand. The Mystery Black seems perfect for that pen.

      Thanks for reading,

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