Sunday Notes and Links – February 07, 2016

Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Stripe and Platinum Carbon Desk Pen
Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Stripe and Platinum Carbon Desk Pen

What I Used

My favorite fountain pen and ink combination of the past week was a surprise, at least to me. It was the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen with Carbon Black ink. I picked the combo with the intent to only use it to address my glossy postcards. The ink is waterproof so well-suited for that task. I figured I’d use another pen/ink for the text itself. But this combo worked so well on the glossy paper that I’ve used it for the entire postcard. I also used it for the occasional note when the pen is within reach.

Speaking of postcards, and InCoWriMo, I’m averaging nearly two postcards a day (11 in 6 days) and have written at least one a day so far in February. I’m probably not sticking to the rules since I using postcards and mailing them in batches rather than daily. But I am writing them daily and more importantly, finally responding to the Fountain Pen Day giveaway entries.

A close second was my Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with Sailor Jentle Black ink. This was the pen I carried in my shirt pocket all week. And yes, I still love the Bronze Age and used it at least once a day.

What Others Are Using & Doing

Ian at Pen! Paper! Pencils! shares his journaling habit.

Matt at the Pen Habit shares his perfect pen, he hasn’t bought another pen since getting this one six months ago. Well, not since his last LB5, he has more than one.

The Unroyal Warrant shares a loadout for traveling in SE Asia.

The Purl Bug reviews a Field Notes County Fair notebook she’s about to finish.

The Palimpsest shows us the pencil case used by E.H. Shepard.

A Fool with a Pen shares his favorite blue inks.

Jenny, at the Finer Point, shares her February Loadout.

Paul at Gorgeous Ink shares his February Loadout.

Website Spotlight

This week’s website is one I’ve enjoyed for a long time, although it’s been silent recently. It came back this week. Write To Me Often is from a fountain pen enthusiast in Turkey. The blog posts are in both Turkish and English. The photographs are great.

The reviews are based on real world usage, the latest of which is of the Clairefontaine Roadbook.

Pen Shows & Other News

The Los Angeles International Pen Show is less than a week away and runs from Feb 11 – 14.

My knowledge of European Pen shows is limited but the next one I know of is in Paris on Feb. 20th, called the Rendez-vous Of Collectors. If you know of one before then feel free to mention it in the comments.