Ink & Pen Notes: Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage with Sheaffer Peacock Blue

Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage with a medium stub nib and Sheaffer Peacock Blue ink bottle

I just reviewed the Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage but in my compulsion to be complete I’ll still do an ink & pen note for its time with Sheaffer Peacock Blue.

Sheaffer Peacock Blue is no longer made and my bottle dates back to the final days of Sheaffer Ink production in Wisconsin. I’m not a fan of blue inks and this is a very blue turquoise. Despite this I do like the ink and it’s helping me warm up to blues. Peacock Blue flows well and the ink pools to provide some nice shading and line variation. Because of this the ink is more suited for a wider nib and really excels with the medium stub of the Conway Stewart.

As mentioned in my review, this is a custom stub grind of the factory medium nib. The Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage is a comfortable ebonite fountain pen that’s a good size for my hand. It has a very small capacity so it was refilled several times since it entered the rotation on December 18th. Unfortunately, the lever broke when I finally decided to flush it out, so it won’t be back for awhile. The Sheaffer Peacock Blue will be back sooner.