Sunday Notes and Links – February 14, 2016

What I Used and Did

I didn’t really have a favorite this week. My pens have been inked awhile and while I enjoy them all, none stand out. I’m itching to change things up. I did write the Homo Sapien dry again and cleaned it out so I can load up a different ink. I’ve been using the Parker Vacumatic Maxima a lot, wanting that to be the next pen I write dry. Almost there.

I’ve given up using a paper planner, they aren’t for me. I’m still using the Hobonichi on a daily basis, but that’s more of a journal than a planner. I’ve been trying a weekly planner and while I fill it out when my week begins, I never refer to it and I never put future items in it. I always reach for electronic copies first. I won’t be breaking that habit.

I have gone back to my old habit of filling out an index card at the end of each day with the things I need (or want) to do the next day along with a rough schedule. So at least I use my pens for this.

I’m continuing along with InCoWriMo although I was a bit off this week. I’m still just writing postcards but I missed two days this week. I did write two postcards the next day to keep a one a day average. I’ve avoided using any previous surplus to count for days I missed. I figure doing so would make me lazy and miss more days. I had also hoped to do a letter on Sundays but wasn’t able to last Sunday and probably won’t be able to today.

What Others Are Using

Todd finishes up with part three of I Know What I Like and gives us his Top 10 Pens and Pencils. Three fountain pens make the list.

Kenneth writes a guest post on the Quo Vadis blog and tells us how he uses his daily planner. It makes me feel guilty for not wanting to use mine.

Maybelline from On Fountain Pens starts the Lunar New Year by cleaning out all her inked pens and starting fresh.

John from Pensive tells us how his use of rough books evolved over time starting with his school days.

Tony, from the Frugal Fountain Pen, lives up to his blog’s name and assembles a FrankenPen that works well for his needs and cost less than $50 to assemble.

Website Spotlight

This week’s spotlight website is alt.haven by Junee Lim, another pen blogger from Singapore. The reviews are excellent and cover a wide range of stationery and the photographs are stunning. This week’s review of the nakaya decapod mini kuro-tamenuri is a prime example.

Pen Shows & Other News

The Los Angeles International Pen Show is going on this weekend with today being the day that’s open to the public.

The Arkansas Pen Show is coming up later this month, February 26th and 27th, which is a Friday & Saturday.

My knowledge of European Pen shows is limited but the next one I know of is in Paris on Feb. 20th, called the Rendez-vous Of Collectors. If you know of one before then feel free to mention it in the comments.

In non-pen news….

As I write this it’s below zero (Fahrenheit) as we experience below average temperature here in the northeast US. It seems it was in the 60’s less than two weeks ago. Oh wait, it was. But I digress, back on point – I was more than a little surprised to read that the Central Park (NYC) Ice Festival which was scheduled for Saturday (when it was still easily in double digits) was cancelled due to (wait for it…) cold weather. I would have thought this would be perfect for ice sculptures. Central Park’s Winter Jam was also cancelled due to snow despite being composed of events that take place in and on snow (this made more sense due to travel problems since mass transit shut down, but the Philly pen show was on that same weekend). I guess they need to stop planning events around seasonal weather.