Ink and Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black with GvFC Garnet Red

Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black with GvFC Garnet Red bottle

I filled the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black with Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red ink back on October 14th. It’s been four months and I still haven’t written the fountain pen dry. So it was time to flush it out.

There’s nothing wrong with this combination and I can’t explain why it got so little use. Some of it is because I typically only use red for marking up documents or to emphasis certain notes. Plus the Sailor fine nib is thinner than just about every other fine nib that I have so it’s stingy with ink. Still, I often picked other pens and this combination was ignored once I inked up another pen with red ink.

I don’t have any complaints about performance. Even when it went unused for days it wrote without hesitation or skipping. Flushing the pen out was also quick and easy without any traces of staining.

The Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black is a stunning black pen, yet these days I reach past it for a brighter pen that catches my attention. So for now this fountain pen will be returned to storage.