Ink and Pen Notes: Parker Vacumatic Maxima with Montblanc Permanent Grey

Parker Vacumatic Maxima Silver Pearl with Montblanc Albert Einstein ink bottle

I inked up the Parker Vacumatic Maxima (c. 1942) with Montblanc Albert Einstein ink back on December 27th, so it was inked up for just under 8 weeks. MB Albert Einstein is a gray ink and the Maxima is the silver pearl finish so there was a little color matching going on in the selection. Albert Einstein is one of Montblanc’s limited edition inks.

I haven’t been inking up my vintage pens very much these days but this is my first choice when I’m looking for a vintage pen to ink up. I love the finish, despite showing some wear from age and use, and I like the way the pen writes. The pen is not an exactly perfect size for my hand and the section feels just a bit small for me. Despite this the pen is still comfortable enough for long writing sessions.

It holds a lot of ink which partially accounts for how long this was inked up. But another reason is that I rarely carry it in my shirt pocket so it doesn’t travel much. I have this aversion to carrying vintage pens in my shirt pocket due to a fear of them leaking or spitting ink.

And this one did spit out some ink when it was close to empty. I did learn that Montblanc Permanent Grey takes a little extra effort to wash off skin but it doesn’t stain iPhone screens if it’s not wiped off for a couple of minutes. The ink shot out as I reached for a pad while holding the uncapped pen in the same hand. Despite this there wasn’t any noticeable ink in the cap that needed to be cleaned out so it wasn’t like this pen was dripping ink. Other than this incident the performance was great, no skipping or hard starts with a nice even flow.

Cleaning was tedious as is the case with every ink in a vacumatic but it was about as easy as I could hope for.

I’ve decided to set the Parker Vacumatic Maxima aside for now so it will spend some time in storage. This leaves me without any vintage pens currently inked.