InCoWriMo Recap

It’s the end of February which means InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) is over. This was my first attempt and from my point of view it was a success, in no small part because I made my own rules. I do think I kept to the spirit of the event.

My main goal was to respond to each of the remaining entries that I received during my Fountain Pen Day giveaway at the end of last year. I had replied to some, but February began with a month’s worth waiting for a reply. I dropped a postcard in the mailbox earlier today which completed this goal.

I sent out 31 postcards during the month so I also met the InCoWriMo goal of one per day, at least on average. I didn’t write one every day. I generally dislike one a day challenges because for me they often become nothing more than an item on a checklist that I rush to get done, often at the end of the day when I’m tired. Because I wanted to avoid writing simply to check a box, I only wrote postcards 19 of the 29 days. Usually more than one at a time and often during lunch. Most of the missed days, 6 of them, occurred during the last 10 days of February when I was also feeling a little under the weather.

It wasn’t a complete success, even with my own modified rules. I had intended to write a real letter every Sunday. I didn’t write any. I do still owe some letters in response to those I received. I’m confident that since I’m now in the habit of writing I’ll get those done in the near future (which I define as sometime before March ends). I want to continue to correspond regularly.

Will I participate again next year? Sure. It’ll be tougher to fit in because I’ll want to do letters, not postcards. Hopefully by then letters will be more of a habit and I’ll be able to write them faster and more importantly, respond to ones I receive in a more timely manner.