Sunday Notes and Links – March 13, 2016

This will be an abbreviated version of Sunday Notes. I typically compile it Saturday afternoon but this Saturday I’ll be at the Long Island Pen Show so I’m writing this Friday. Oops, even worse – I forgot to change the publish date. Pulling it back is always messy, So here it is.

What I Used

Edison Extended Mina LE #23 and Sheaffer Peacock Blue

My favorite fountain pen and ink combination of the past week was the newly arrive Edison Extended Mina LE (group buy) that arrived this week. I filled it with a little Sheaffer Peacock Blue but liked it so much that I ended up filling the converter completely. It wasn’t my most used pen & ink combo, but it is helping me warm to blue inks.

What Others Are Using

Brian Anderson shares one of his favorite pens. Considering Brian’s available options this is saying a lot. My Favorite Pens – John Holland Saddle Filler

Liz reviews How to Keep a Record of Letter Writing & Correspondence, at least how she does it.

Inkophile is down to three pens after a cleaning.

Pendora’s Box shares a cute story about an unexpected experiment into notebook aging.

Website Spotlight

This weeks website is yet another one with Ian Hedley’s name on it. Pennaquod is a pen blog search engine. It’s a Google search cut down to pen (and related) blogs. A great way to search and be sure of getting high quality results without spammy sites. It doesn’t include sites that are primarily retail which is nice if your looking for reviews and how-to’s, but it does mean you shouldn’t use this for shopping.

Pen Shows & Other News

The Long Island Pen Show is this weekend runs through 4pm today.

The next pen show in the U.S. is the Atlanta Pen Show from April 15 – 17th.

The Barcelona Pen Show is happening on March 19.

It’s not until the end of April, but Brian Anderson will have a Re Sac Esterbrook Seminar at the Chicago Pen Show. Advanced registration required.

If you’re looking for more links to get your Sunday reading fix check out these sites:

On Fountain PensSunday Inklings every other Sunday.

The Well-Appointed Desk publishes Link Love every Wednesday.

Gorgeous Ink and Gentleman Stationer both have started doing more curated Sunday Link posts on a regular basis.

Lastly, thanks to automation, most of what I read gets pushed out to Fountain Pen Links as a link, so if you want a firehose of links it’s there.

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