Currently Inked – Mid-March 2016

My pen & ink turnover has been slow for months, meaning a monthly currently inked post had it covered. That changed this month. There’s been so much change I decided to do a quick update. Getting back from the Long Island Pen Show had me playing around with pens and inks on Sunday. By the time I was done there were 14 pens still inked up (one of which has since gone dry), up from the eight inked up as the month began.

As the date in the photo shows, I started the list on Sunday, more for my own records than a post. The Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe has since been written dry so it’s the one crossed off the list. I used it to write the draft of its review Sunday night and the pen went dry this morning while writing my journal entry. The Visconti Homo Sapien remains inked up, but has a new ink which provides a much nicer writing experience than the MB Golden Yellow.

The Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with a needlepoint nib and nice red ink has gone away, mainly due to physics. The other five pens from March 1st remain unchanged and six new ones join the mix.

I had to try the ink I brought back from the pen show so the first three pens have that ink. First impressions are that both green inks are better than average (IMO) and the red is nice and behaves as promised.

I loaded the Montblanc Golden Yellow into my Omas 360. While it is a fine nib it’s the wettest nib that I have. The Montblanc Golden Yellow performs quite nicely in this pen. The ink doesn’t gush from it (which is a plus in my book) but it provides a nice writing experience, unlike in the Homo Sapien.

The Pelikan M805 seems about one writing session away from empty so that will probably go soon. Other than that, I’ll have to do some serious writing to start emptying these pens.

Just a quick photo on the pens and ink. It’s cream colored Tomoe River Paper (in a Seven Seas Writer).

Currently Inked fountain pens and writing samples