Pen and Ink Notes: Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age and Montblanc Golden Yellow

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age extra fine with Montblanc Golden Yellow bottle

The Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age with its extra fine nib has been my favorite pen since I got it. Montblanc is my favorite ink brand. I had my doubts about the yellow ink but eventually gave in and got some. I figured the Bronze Age was the best choice to give this ink a fair shot. It’s a extra fine but on the wet and wide side of the spectrum.

Boy, was I wrong. This combination has been terrible. They’ve been together nearly a month and I’ve yet to write the pen dry. I finally gave in and flushed the pen early.

First the good. There is significant variation in the flow which contributes to some nice line variation and it looks nice as it goes onto the paper. Despite being yellow it’s very legible when it dries, although this does depend a bit on the paper color. The ink has a nice orangish tint to it. I like the color more than I though I would.

Now the bad. This never felt like a smooth writer, I constantly felt the need to press harder to get the ink to flow. Some of this is probably just me. Maybe my brain couldn’t process that the lightly colored ink was flowing well. The pen just felt like it didn’t like writing. Yes, I know that’s not a very good description and not much help. Technically all was fine, no hard starts and no actual skipping (although some close calls). I didn’t actually have to press harder than other inks, I just wanted to and had to resist the urge. Fast writing did result in very weak lines at times which bordered on skipping but I never had to step back a re-write anything. I’ll try the ink in other pens before I pass final judgement, but it does not get along at all with this pen. I’ve used three other inks with this pen and all have been a delight to use so I do blame the ink for the bad writing experience. Although, like many disagreements, both pen & ink probably share the blame.

The Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age has already been refilled with Rohrer & Klingner Blau-Schwarz LE, one of my favorites inks but new to the pen. I again smile while using the pen. The Montblanc Golden Yellow ink will get another chance after I’ve cleansed myself with some better writing experiences. I’m in no rush.

Sunday Notes and Links – March 13, 2016

This will be an abbreviated version of Sunday Notes. I typically compile it Saturday afternoon but this Saturday I’ll be at the Long Island Pen Show so I’m writing this Friday. Oops, even worse – I forgot to change the publish date. Pulling it back is always messy, So here it is.

What I Used

Edison Extended Mina LE #23 and Sheaffer Peacock Blue

My favorite fountain pen and ink combination of the past week was the newly arrive Edison Extended Mina LE (group buy) that arrived this week. I filled it with a little Sheaffer Peacock Blue but liked it so much that I ended up filling the converter completely. It wasn’t my most used pen & ink combo, but it is helping me warm to blue inks.

What Others Are Using

Brian Anderson shares one of his favorite pens. Considering Brian’s available options this is saying a lot. My Favorite Pens – John Holland Saddle Filler

Liz reviews How to Keep a Record of Letter Writing & Correspondence, at least how she does it.

Inkophile is down to three pens after a cleaning.

Pendora’s Box shares a cute story about an unexpected experiment into notebook aging.

Website Spotlight

This weeks website is yet another one with Ian Hedley’s name on it. Pennaquod is a pen blog search engine. It’s a Google search cut down to pen (and related) blogs. A great way to search and be sure of getting high quality results without spammy sites. It doesn’t include sites that are primarily retail which is nice if your looking for reviews and how-to’s, but it does mean you shouldn’t use this for shopping.

Pen Shows & Other News

The Long Island Pen Show is this weekend runs through 4pm today.

The next pen show in the U.S. is the Atlanta Pen Show from April 15 – 17th.

The Barcelona Pen Show is happening on March 19.

It’s not until the end of April, but Brian Anderson will have a Re Sac Esterbrook Seminar at the Chicago Pen Show. Advanced registration required.

If you’re looking for more links to get your Sunday reading fix check out these sites:

On Fountain PensSunday Inklings every other Sunday.

The Well-Appointed Desk publishes Link Love every Wednesday.

Gorgeous Ink and Gentleman Stationer both have started doing more curated Sunday Link posts on a regular basis.

Lastly, thanks to automation, most of what I read gets pushed out to Fountain Pen Links as a link, so if you want a firehose of links it’s there.

Sunday Notes and Links – March 06, 2016

What I Used

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe and Franklin-Christoph Model 66

No real favorite pen this week although by far my most used pens were my Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with Sailor Jentle Black and the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with R&K Blau-Schwarz LE. If you were paying attention you noticed the Model 66 wasn’t in this month’s currently inked. The nib was dry when I went to do the writing samples and that pen performed so perfectly in the past that I never considered it was a hard start. I storeed it nib down overnight while waiting to clean it and happened to check it in the morning. I used it as much as possible to try and write it dry, but it’s still going.

What Others Are Using and Doing

JD at Peaceable Writer explores Platinum Mix Free inks in Writing Down the Ink #15: Mixing It Up. I look at all my inks and I think I don’t need any colors that aren’t there. But this looks like it could be both interesting and fun.

Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! looks at pens, pencils and ink that he still uses more than a year after reviewing them in Standing the Test of Time (2). I love these types of posts and value them more than reviews.

How Susanne uses her Notor daily planner is a guest post on the Quo Vadis blog.

The Purl Bug takes one for the team with The Great Notebook Soak. She also published a new Pen Talk video and shows us what she’s currently using.

Pensive put together a Chart of UK Shops Online.

Tessa at All Things Stationery has a What I Actually Use Video

Jenny at The Finer Point shares the notebooks that she uses and how she uses them.

Paul at Gorgeous Ink shows us What’s In His Bag.

My Pen Needs Ink and Gorgeous Ink both wrapped up InCoWriMo

Loadout Posts for March

Currently Inked: March 2016 at Pendora’s Box

Monthly Load Out: March 2016 at Gorgeous.Ink

Inks in use – March 1, 2016 at TooManyInks

Website Spotlight

This week’s website spotlight is The Pelikan’s Perch. As you can probably guess, it’s hyper-focused on Pelikan pens and inks. Joshua ventured into a more general topic in his most recent post – Purchasing From Overseas: A Primer, although it was spurred by Pelikan’s recent US-centric price increases.

Personally I like sites which have a niche focus because the creator is passionate about the topic. If you’re interested in Pelikan pens there’s a lot of articles you must read. But even if, like me, you only have a passing interest in Pelikan it’s a enjoyable site.

Pen Shows & Other News

Baltimore-Washington International Pen Show is happening this weekend.

The Long Island Pen Show is this coming weekend, March 12th and 13th. The website does say Richard Binder will be there for nib work (along with Ron Zorn). But according to Richard’s March “Nib Noise” email he won’t be able to make it but Linda Kennedy of Indy-Pen-Dance will be there doing nib work. This will be my first pen show of the year and I’m looking forward to it. The room they use was remodeled last year and it’s a nice bright, roomy show which makes it a nice experience.

In Europe the Cologne Pen Show is March 12th. The show’s website hasn’t been updated for 2016. The Barcelona Pen Show is happening on March 19.

Anderson Pens recently posted an updated list of pen show tips.

Currently Inked – March 2016

I’m starting March off with a mere eight fountain pens inked up, one less than when February began. Six of them are carried over with the same ink, still waiting to be written dry. The Parker Vacumatic went dry a couple weeks ago while the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 went dry last night. The Kaweco Brass Sport is the only addition to the rotation. The Visconti Homo Sapien remains, but now it has Montblanc Golden Yellow ink in it.

Montblanc Golden Yellow is new for me (and relatively new to the world) so I figured I’d use it in my current favorite pen. It’s my least favorite ink in the pen and the first that won’t get a immediate refill when I write it dry. I like the color and there’s some nice line variation. I don’t typically like inks that are limited to the type of paper I can write on, but going into this I figured I’d need to limit it to white paper, the brighter the better. So being hard to read on cream paper doesn’t bother me since I was prepared for it. But the typically wet Visconti nib feels like it’s about to go dry. There’s nice line variation but using this pen/ink is tiring and not a pleasant experience. I’ve avoided flushing the pen early, but it’s still a consideration. I wrote the draft of this post with it and even though it was short I was relieved when I finished.

The F-C Model 66 has been re-filled a couple times and I would typically re-fill again, but I’m trying to reduce the number of pens inked at one time. I expect the Edison Pens group buy pen will arrive this week (I got the shipping notice on Monday) and that’s another large(ish) clip-less pen. I’ll want to immediately ink that one up, most likely with R&K Blau-Schwarz LE ink. Plus there’s the Long Island Pen Show this month, who knows what I’ll see there.

On to the pens. As usual, the pens are in the same order as the writing samples. Links are to a review or ink notes if they exist, or a “This Just In” post if there’s no review.

Currently Inked capped pens- March 2016
Currently Inked uncapped pens - March 2016
Currently Inked Writing Samples - March 2016

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age (extra fine) – Montblanc Golden Yellow // Edison Huron Grande (extra fine) – Montblanc Bordeaux // Pelikan M805 Stresemann (extra-fine) – Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black //  Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe (extra fine) – Sailor Jentle Black cartridge //  Edison Menlo Pump Filler (extra fine) – Athena Sepia // Franklin-Christoph Model 02 (needlepoint) – Pelican Edelstein Garnet // Platinum Carbon Desk Pen – Platinum Carbon Black (cartridge) // Kaweco Brass Sport (extra fine) – Kaweco Black cartridge