Sunday Notes and Links – April 10, 2016

What I Used

photo of the Omas 360 and Pilot VP
Omas 360 Vintage Turquoise (fine) with Montbanc Golden Yellow and Pilot Vanishing Point (XXXF) and Pilot Black

I didn’t get a chance to use fountain pens very often this past week. So they aren’t really favorites but the convenience of the Vanishing Point made it the most used and I did use the Omas 360 enough to write it dry of Montblanc Golden Yellow ink and give it a refill.

What Others Are Using & Doing

Aziza went to the Cologne Pen Show and wrote about it at Gourmet Pens.

Joe wrote a Pen Show Primer at The Gentleman Stationer. Volume 1 is Why Visit a Pen Show? while Volume 2 is Getting Ready for a Pen Show.

Ana, from the Well-Appointed Desk used her fashionable Friday post to list some things to bring to a pen show.

Tim wrote about a bad vintage pen buying experience at NibCreep.

Jenny shares her Stationery Travel Kit – Isle of Wight at The Finer Point.

Jaime has a Kaweco Sport Flex Mod Failure Report at I Laike Pens.

Peaceable Writer has a Tale of a Vandal Notebook User: More #Chronodex.

Liz from Wonder Pens lists what’s in her pen roll.

Pen Shows & Other News

The “new Estertook” pen company re-appeared again just long enough to remind us that Robert Rosenberg hasn’t learned anything and hasn’t changed. Read Festercrook, the Modern Esterbrook by Phil Olin for more info. I don’t follow Massdrop, but I have to believe the new Esterbrook joins a fairly exclusive club of products that have been pulled from a drop.

Speaking of Esterbrook, I ordered my own “new” Esterbrook recently. Well, not really a Esterbrook, but a custom pen designed to take Esterbrook nibs. The Esterbrook J’s are just too slim for me these days and I miss using the nibs. Definitely a better choice than the “new” Esterbrooks. More expensive when counting dollars, but a far better value.

The Goulet Pens Ink Drop is a victim of its own success and will be retired after 5 1/2 years. I subscribed awhile back and it was a great way to discover inks, but I soon had more ink than I could reasonably use.

The next pen show in the U.S. is this coming weekend. The Atlanta Pen Show runs from April 15 – 17th and it will be a Pen Addict Party as Myke will be jumping over from the UK.

The Katowice Poland pen show is this weekend. If you’re reading this when it posts Sunday morning and are near Katowice you can still make it there.

The Northern Pen Show (UK) is Sunday April 17th,

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  1. I remember you did not particularly like the Golden Yellow last time you posted about it… Did it feel better in the Omas?

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