Ink and Pen Notes: Pelikan M805 Stresemann with Pelikan Blue-Black

Pelikan M805 Stresemann with Pilot Blue-Black

I inked up my Pelikan M805 Stresemann as 2015 came to a close. I finally wrote it dry this past weekend. This fill used Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black ink which is the first time for this pen & ink combination.

The pen and ink work well together. The ink is a little on the dry side while the nib is often too wet for my taste. They combine to put down a nice line on any paper without any skipping or hard starts. I still can’t write as small as with other extra fine,s but it doesn’t require a significant change on my part and it is a nice writing experience.

I did have one problem, or maybe two. I seemed to be rotating the pen more than usual while writing. I do have a tendency to do this, but it was worse than usual with this pen, even when I was consciously trying to avoid it. I’ve never been completely happy with the nib and planned to get it slimmed at a pen show. But this time around I was thinking left oblique would be a good choice and put it on my list for the DC show. Then on Sunday the nib unit fell out while I was writing. So now I wonder if the nib unit was loose and rotating itself rather than me rotating the pen. I’ll be using the pen more before the DC show and I’ll pay more attention and make sure the nib unit stays secure.

I don’t routinely take pens apart just to clean them and I’ve never removed the nib from this one. No damage done since the nib was already in contact with my desk when it slipped out. Plus the pen was just about dry so the mess was minimal, just some ink from the nib unit hitting the paper and rolling a bit. Plus, no leaking ink leading up to the separation leaving the inside of the cap ink free.

Cleaning the pen was easy. The ink flushed right out despite being in the pen nearly four months. Although, since the nib unit had just fallen out I didn’t see a reason to not keep it off while I cleaned the pen, making cleaning even easier than normal.

I have my usual complaints about this nib. It’s to wide for an extra fine. It was already on my list to be ground down a bit and that’s still the plan, probably at the D.C. show.

With a nib more to my liking this pen could see a return to my top 5 modern pens list. Even with the current nib it’s close to breaking into that top 5. For now it will get some time off, but not for too long.

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