Ink and Pen Notes: Sheaffer Balance II and Omas Green

Sheaffer Balance II with Omas Green

There really isn’t anything about the Sheaffer Balance IIs that I don’t like. The acrylics are lovely,the nibs are great and they fit well in my hand. This one is a Jade Green Balance II with a medium 18ct gold nib that Sheaffer branded as Feather Touch. I inked it up back on March 13th and was surprised to see it had been uninked for over nine months. In my head I had used it recently.

The last time I used this pen it ended up with ink all over the inside of the barrel, either from a leak or ink creep. This time around it was uneventful from first fill to the last drop.

A bright green pen demands a bright green ink. This time around it was Omas Green. I’ve liked other Omas inks but this was my first time with green. I liked the ink so much that I picked up a second bottle before it vanishes from store shelves. The ink has a little line variation, giving it some character, while also being saturated enough to give it a nice bold color that pops off the paper. While not an exact color match, the character of the ink makes it a rival for my favorite green – Montblanc Irish Green. The ink was easily cleaned from the pen.

I did get a reminder as to why this pen went unused for so long. It still has a tendency to skip, although never bad enough to be put down. So this is another pen that gets added to the list for a nib tuning at the DC pen show. I really want it to write as well as the Balance Aspen that I have. It has such a nice soft gold nib. I don’t think I trust myself to smooth it out myself without making it worse. While it’s officially a medium it’s more a medium-fine so it works well for me.

Omas Green will make it into another pen soon enough, although I do have several other greens that are new to me and seem rather nice. The Sheaffer Balance II (Jade Green) will probably remain unused until I get the nib tuned.

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