Ink and Pen Notes: Omas 360 Vintage LE and Montblanc Golden Yellow

Omas 360 Vintage LE with Montbanc Golden Yellow ink bottle

This has been a week to write fountain pens dry. The latest pen to go dry is the Omas 360 Vintage LE filled with Montblanc Golden Yellow. I feel compelled to mention that this pen is vintage in name only.

I filled the Omas back on March 13th, wrote it dry once, and then refilled it. Now that it’s dry again I decided to put the pen back into storage.

As I mentioned in my review, I really shouldn’t like this pen. But I do. It’s ended up being a specialty pen for that I pull out occasionally, not one I use as a daily writer. Despite being such a large piston filler the Omas doesn’t hold very much ink and it doesn’t take long to write dry. It’s also prone to evaporation.

My first outing with the Montblanc Golden Yellow was in the Visconti Bronze Age, and it was not great experience so it was flushed early. The Omas is a much wetter nib and the ink liked it much better. It’s a nice yellow color that’s surprisingly easy to read and has some nice line variation.

I used the pen primarily to write headings for my notes or to make some notes stand out. That’s not a lot of words, so I did use the pen for some longer sessions of a page or two. During these extended sessions the nib began to dry up and it wasn’t as wet and I noticed some dry ink higher up on the nib. Washing this off improved the flow, either because of the added water or because the dry ink was a problem.

The Omas 360 Vintage LE is extremely comfortable in my hand, even with the triangle shape. The Montblanc Golden Yellow was easy to flush from the pen. I’ll limit it’s use to wetter nibs and use it when I’m looking for something different.

You may notice the nib is labeled as a medium. It started that way but was ground to a fine.

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