Ink and Pen Notes: Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon with R&K Smaragdgrün

Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon with R&K Smaragdegün bottle

I’ve had two Namiki Sterling Silver fountain pens for many years. I can’t remember the last time I inked them up, so it was time. For the Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon, with its medium nib, I picked Rohrer & Klingner Smaragdgrün for this outing. It was inked up back on March 28th.

R&K Smaragdgrün is a green ink that’s new to me. While the nib is a medium, it’s a Japanese medium which makes it thinner than many of my fines and even some extra fines.

The nib and ink combined to provide a nice writing experience with some line variation. There’s nothing close to shading, just enough variation from the flow to give it some character. The nib itself is firm, which is my preference.

The sterling silver does tarnish over time so I needed to polish it up before inking. While the pen is not hard to clean, it does seem to take longer to flush out all the ink. Even when it’s been written dry there’s still a lot of ink in that feed. A bulb syringe makes it a little easier. In this case I went to the ultrasonic cleaner since the pen will probably be in storage for awhile and I wanted all the ink gone. This polishing and extended cleaning time makes the pen a little high maintenance.

The Namiki Sterling Silver fits my hand well and has a terrific nib which provides an enjoyable writing experience. While technically great, the Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon just doesn’t excite me. Unlike other pens I won’t miss it when it’s back in it’s case. As for the ink, the R&K Smaragdgrün is one of the nicer greens I’ve used. I do expect it to return in another pen although it’s not a contender as a favorite green fountain pen ink for me.

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