Ink and Pen Notes: Namiki Sterling Silver Hawk with Pelikan Brilliant Green

Namiki Sterling Silver Hawk with Pelikan Brilliant Green bottle

In late March I had the urge to ink up three sterling silver fountain pens. The last to be written dry is the Namiki Sterling Silver Hawk with it fine nib and Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Green fountain pen ink.

Like its Dragon sibling, the Hawk hasn’t been used in years. The sterling silver does tarnish over time and the need to polish it up added just enough friction to keep it in the pen case. All three were inked at once because if I polish one I might as well polish them all. And if I polish them, I might as well ink them up. This provided an impromptu comparison. While this pen’s fine nib could be used to explain why it was the last to be written dry, I have to admit this was my least favorite combination. (The other two were a Sailor 1911 with Visconti Bordeaux and the Namiki Sterling Silver Dragon with R&K Smaradgün). I would have expected this to be my favorite because of the fine nib, but the Pelikan Brilliant Green ink, while not bad, didn’t add anything to the experience.

The Pelikan Brilliant Green ink is new to me. It was an passable ink. I liked the color, but it wasn’t what I expected from an ink named “Brilliant”. In a pen, especially a thin nib, the ink is much more muted than a swab. It’s rather dull, not brilliant. So that was disappointing.

The ink was fairly easy to flush from the pen. The feed does still hold a lot of ink when the pen has been written dry so it takes a little longer to flush than many c/c pens.

The Namiki Sterling Silver Hawk fits my hand nicely and the fine nib is firm and smooth. And as I said with the Dragon, the pen is technically a great writer, yet it doesn’t excite me. I won’t miss it when I return it to the pen case.

The Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Green ink is nice enough but it’s lower on my list of green inks, and it’ll be awhile before it returns to a fountain pen. It may do better in a wider, wetter nib, but that’s not my nib of choice.