Currently Inked – June 2016

As usual I’ll recap what I have inked up as the month begins. But since my regular Sunday Notes and Links post is on hiatus I’ve linked to what others are using down at the bottom. Since you’re reading this post I figure you’ll like reading those as much as I do.
I began May with ten inked up fountain pens and I’ll be starting June with the same number. Three of the pen/ink combinations were changed since May. I did ink up a couple of pens for testing and playing during the month but they were flushed out after a couple of days use. But they did eat int the time I would have given my other pens and that time was less than I would have liked during May.

The Platinum Carbon Pen is nearly empty. Because of the ink and the fact that it’s been in there since January I will flush it out when it’s dry. But I’ll quickly re-ink it with the same stuff since I’ve grown to like having it in a pen stand on my desk. It gives me quick access to a waterproof ink along with a thin line for writing in my Hobonichi.

The Kaweco Brass Sport earned it’s spot thanks to one day in May. I somehow packed up my bag without including my pen case, while also forgetting a pen for my shirt pocket. The Kaweco lives in my pants pocket (that’s trouser pocket for those in the UK) so I had that to use while I was out and about. The pen went dry as the June began but I immediately popped in a new cartridge of the same ink.

The Visconti Homo Sapien, Pilot Custom 823 and Sailor Pro Gear are all pens I’ve been missing from the rotation. The Visconti got Lamy Dark Lilac ink because I want to use a different ink in this pen after every cleaning. Even though the Lamy Safari already had this ink in it, I wanted to see it in this pen.

I’ve been sticking to cartridges in the Sailor Pro Gear ever since the converter debacle. The thin nib needs a dark ink and I do have the Sailor cartridges for it, so I might as well use them. I decided to try a blue-black ink for this pen. It’s the first time I used this particular ink. My first impression in this pen is “meh”, but I’ll give it time. I don’t dislike it, but it’s not a great choice for such a thin nib.

The Pilot Custom 823 is a pen I love to write with even though I don’t like it aesthetically. It is a Fav 5 so I obviously picked function over looks. Keeping with the theme I gave it an ink color I merely tolerate, but one that performs well. While blue is far from a favorite color of mine it provides a bit of variation from my other inked up pens. While I don’t usually match pen and ink brands, or some reason my brain is convinced that this pen must use Pilot inks even though there’s no good reason for it. I do like Pilot (Namiki) inks as a good workhorse ink for everyday writing, so this may be my subconscious getting them into the rotation.

You’ll notice the false start above the Kaweco Sport in the writing samples. That’s the Pilot Vanishing Point with the XXXF showing impeccable timing in going dry as the month closes. I had carried it in my shirt pocket (usually in the Fodderstack XL) based on the theory that it’s easy to remove, click and the write. The theory is valid although the reality is that I rarely used it this way. I’ve been using it just like any other pen, not for quick notes on the run. So it won’t get an immediate refill.

It’s time for the pens. As usual the writing samples are in the same order as the pens In the photos and the links are to a review if it exists.

Currrently Inked Tray for June 2016
Currrently Inked Tray (uncapped) for June 2016
Currently Inked writing samples - June 2016

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age (extra fine) – Lamy Dark Lilac // Edison Menlo Pump Filler (extra fine) – Athena Sepia // Pilot Custom 823 (fine)Namiki Blue // Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe (extra fine) – Sailor Nano Sei-boku // Franklin-Christoph Model 02 (extra fine) – Sheaffer Green // Lamy Safari Dark Lilac (medium) – Lamy Dark Lilac // Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo (left oblique)Montblanc Bordeaux // Kaweco Brass Sport (extra fine) – Kaweco Black cartridge // Platinum Carbon Pen (super fine) – Platinum Carbon Black cartridge // Edison Extended Mina (extra fine) – Sheaffer Peacock Blue

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