Ink & Pen Notes: Edison Extended Mina with Sheaffer Peacock Blue

Edison Extended Mina #27 extra fine with Sheaffer Peacock Blue ink bottle

The Edison Extended Mina is my newest fountain pen. It was the Edison Pens group buy for 2015 and I received #23 in Blue Denim with an extra fine nib. I filled it with Sheaffer Peacock Blue when the pen arrived in March. There have been a couple refills since then, but this in the only ink that’s been used in the Mina.

My thoughts about this fountain pen vary wildly, depending on the day and my mood. I also tend to like it more when using it after a break of a few days. It becomes less liked after extended use.

I like the look of the pen. The blue denim ebonite is at its best in good lighting, in indirect lighting it’s a little drab. I do like the feel of the ebonite. The nib design is new, at least for Edison Pens. It’s a steel nib that’s all silver. I do like silver nibs more than gold colored nibs and I was drawn to the unique design of the nib, but that’s worn off a bit. The nib writes great, but aesthetically I’d prefer a nice big, traditional nib.

It’s a clip-less pen with a slightly conical shape in both the cap and barrel. Like the nib, I was initially attracted to the uniqueness of the design (at least unique in my accumulation). The design, including the lack of a clip, took some getting used to so that I could tell the cap apart from the body with touch alone. Eventually I did get used to it and stopped starting to unscrew the barrel from the section. Although I would have to relearn the feel of the cap if the pen went unused for a week or so. Since the Limited Edition number is engraved on the top of the cap it’s easy to visually tell which way is up so it’s not a complete crap shoot.

The cap can’t be posted, which doesn’t bother me. While I’ve begun to post a few pens I do use most pens unposted. The pen is very comfortable in my hand. It’s a good size for me and the ebonite has a nice warm feel to it. The extra fine steel nib is smooth and flows well. I didn’t experience any skips. The only hard starts were after storing the pen nib up for several days and those were quickly resolved by just holding the pen nib down for a few moments.

Being clip-less, the cap and pen can easily roll away. This isn’t usually a problem because I often hold the cap in my left hand while I write with my right. But in this case the conical shape of the cap felt weird to me and I never really got used to it. When I’m at my desk I can safely put the cap down and not worry about it rolling away, but when I’m out and about it’s more difficult and not something I want to worry about. So even though the pen fits in all my pen cases it rarely leaves the house.

Despite my dislike of turquoise inks (they’re too blue) I do really like Sheaffer Peacock Blue. Even with the Mina’s extra fine nib there’s some nice line variation and I just like the way the ink writes.

It would be incorrect, and a little harsh, to say I’m disappointed with the Edison Extended Mina, but I don’t think it has a future in my rotation. The Mina has several unique design features and I expected to really enjoy it. But the reality is I have two other desk pens I enjoy more (F-C Model 66 and Edison Huron Grande) and another that’s more functional (Platinum Carbon Pen). The Extended Mina is less desk bound than those fountain pens since it fits in all my cases, but it’s still too much trouble for me when I take it on the road. So while it will be difficult so soon after arrival, I think it’s another fountain pen that will go up for sale in preparation for the DC Pen Show.

Despite being a turquoise ink the Sheaffer Peacock Blue will return to a fountain pen in the not too distant future.