Sunday Notes and Links – September 04, 2016

It’s been nearly four months, but with the unofficial end of summer here in the States I decided to resume Sunday Notes and Links, although it will be less notes and more links. And it may not even be every Sunday. It’s been awhile so some of these links are old but well worth reading if you missed them.

The Commonwealth Pen Show (aka Boston Pen Show) is later this month, It’s a Sunday only show that’s runs from 9am to 5pm on September 25, 2016. It’s a small show but is to be growing. There’s 23 exhibiters listed for this year and all the available tables are sold out. I’m hoping the show grows big enough to justify two days since Saturdays generally works better for me. Still, I am hoping to make it there sometime Sunday.

The Dallas Pen Show is September 23–24.

You can find European Pen Shows here. There’s a couple coming up Sept. 24th and 25th.

Speaking of pen shows…

My 2016 D.C. Pen Show Haul — The Gentleman Stationer

SF Pen Show: Day 3 and Wrap-Up – The Well-Appointed Desk (Day2) and Day 1

Reflections of a Fountain Pen Initiate — Gorgeous.Ink

In addition to shows there are clubs…

Appleton Wisconsin (Sept 15th): Appleton Pen Club – Vintage – Anderson PensAnderson Pens

Fountain Pens Australia (Facebook Group & monthly meetings): One Year of Fountain Pens Australia! — Pen Economics

What Others Are Using

Currently Inked: September 2016 — Pendora’s Box

Video: Currently Inked #11 | 2 September 2016 – Pen Habit

Monthly Load Out: September 2016 – Gorgeous.Ink

I like reading reviews for pens that have (or haven’t) stood the test of time. This time around two people revisited the same fountain pen,

Revisited: Pilot Vanishing Point — Alt. Haven and Review Redux – Four Years with the Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – – Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews

Misc Links

Notebooks designed to get you organized — Original Content Books via The Cramped

A Hobby: Fountain Pens | The Maddog Rag

Montblanc’s Augmented Paper digitizes rich people’s handwriting – The Verge

What Not To Do | From the Pen Cup

The “Metal” Stamp You Probably Don’t Know About « The Pelikan’s Perch

Introducing journal guides! | Leigh Reyes. My Life As a Verb.

Profile of John Twiss | United Inkdom // There’s a related giveaway but you’ll have to browse the site for it. The giveaway ends Sept. 10th.

I missed the Pilot Pen Clinic, but… – On Fountain Pens

Lastly, thanks to automation, most of what I read gets pushed out to Fountain Pen Links as a link even if it’s not in this post, so if you want a firehose of links you’ll find it there.