Currently Inked – September 2016

I did a lot of writing this past month, especially since the Washington DC Pen Show, writing every day and averaging over two A5 journal pages every night. That made the ink flow fast, and I wrote six pens dry during the month, a couple pens more than once. Every pen I bought at the pen show was written dry, the five pens that are being carried over were inked prior to the show. So new pens kept my attention, which isn’t surprising.

Currenly Inked September 2016 - the pens
Currenly Inked September 2016 - the pens uncapped
Currenly Inked September 2016 - writing samples

Still Inked

The first five pens in the photo are carried over from August (or earlier) . The Vacumatic got a lot of use and I thought I would write it dry, but it holds a lot of ink. The Vanishing Point may look new, but I simply swapped the Maplewood barrel for the Red Bamboo one. Its’s the same nib and ink.

New Pens and Inks

I limited myself to 10 pens in total so that each pen has a reasonable chance of regular use. I didn’t make any attempt to bring any new pens into the mix, so many were recently inked. Many of the inks were also recently used, just loaded into a different fountain pen.

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) with Bookbinders Ground Rattler

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen with Bookbinders Ground Rattler

The King of Pen has a good chance of replacing the Visconti Bronze Age as my favorite pen, although I haven’t had it long enough to hand it the crown. Like the Visconti my plan is to keep it in the rotation but to use a different ink with each fill. The Bookbinders ink brand, and therefore the ink, is new to me. I picked it for this pen because the grey ink is likely to benefit from this wide (for me) nib.

Pelikan M805 Stresemann (EF) with Papier Plume Burgundy

Pelikan M805 Stresemann with Papier Plume Burgundy writing sample

I had Pelikan’s overly-generous factory extra fine ground down to a more traditional extra fine size. This is the nib that was technically fine from day one, smooth with a good flow, but it just didn’t feel right. Now it does. The ink is new to me and I really like it, so I’m looking forward to using it in this pen which has been in storage since the end of April. I already reviewed both the pen and the ink.

Fisher of Pens Hermes (F) with Montblanc Irish Green

Fisher of Pens Hermes with Montblanc Irish Green

The first ink in theFisher of Pens Hermes was new to me as was the pen. The combination was a little dry so this time I picked Montblanc Irish Green which I know well. It also happens to be my favorite green ink.

Sheaffer Balance II (M) with KWZ Green #2

Sheaffer Ba;ance II with KWZ Green #2

This ink was originally paired with the Fisher of Pens Hermes and they were a little dry. I liked the color so I put it in an appropriate green pen that is a nice writer.

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age (EF) with KWZ Gummiberry

Visconti Homo Sapien bronze Age with KWZ Gummiberry

My favorite pen returns, this time with its ninth ink. KWZ Gummiberry was in a different pen during August. I like the color and wanted to try it in a thinner nib.

Written Dry.

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) with KWZ Gummiberry.

My new Sailor Pro Gear KOP went dry for a second time since the Washington DC Pen Show so I flushed it out back on August 18th. I managed to keep it dry for the rest of the month so my other pens would get some use. I liked the color of the KWZ Gummiberry ink, a very nice purple. Plus, the ink was easily flushed from the pen. I’d have no problem matching this fountain pen and ink in the future, but for now I’ll enjoy a variety of inks in this pen.

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen with KWZ Gummiberry Writing Sample

Sheaffer Balance Oversize (Pearl/Red) (F) with Sheaffer Peacock Blue (Yellow label).

The ink got darker after it was in the pen for a couple of days, appearing to be more of a blue-black than a turquoise. This was a vintage pen, and new to me, so there might have been old ink in the pen. There was no signs of ink when I tested the lever and sac, but I didn’t test it with water. I was in a hurry to ink up my new pen.

I’ll try in ink in another pen eventually but I still have one inked pen with Sheaffer Peacock Blue so it’ll be awhile. The Sheaffer Balance Oversize will return to the rotation with Montblanc Bordeaux, although I’ll wait until the Parker Vacumatic is written dry of the same ink.

Sheaffer Balance Oversize c1934 with Sheaffer Peacock Blue Writing Sample

Fisher of Pens Hermes (F) with KWZ Green #2

Another new pen from the 2016 DC Pen show, this one took two weeks to write dry. The pen and ink started off being a little on the dry side, even for me. It never skipped although it did have a hard time waking up several mornings. Once it got going it never actually skipped and things got better over time. I obviously should have cleaned the pen before its first fill but I gave in to the impulse and inked it right up. I did keep going until I wrote the pen dry and then gave it a good cleaning. I liked the ink, unless of course I’m wrong and it was the cause of the problems and in fact a really dry ink. I already returned the pen to the rotation with a different ink. The KWZ Green #2 also returned, but in a different pen.

Fisher of Pens Hermes with KWZ Green #2 Writing Sample

Sheaffer Balance Aspen (fine-medium) with Montblanc Permanent Grey

This pen took nearly two months to write dry. I love the pen and the way it writes, yet I always seem to pass it over. Montblanc Permanent Grey is a nice grey, if you like grey, and I do. For now the pen will return to the pen case and I’ll ink up a different Balance II.

Sheaffer Balance Aspen with Montblanc Permanent Grey writing sample

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age (EF) with Montblanc Ultra Black

The Homo Sapien is a favorite pen and Montblanc is a favorite ink brand so I had high hopes for Montblanc Ultra Black. Unfortunately, while I don’t actually dislike the ink, it’s been a disappointment. The color is OK, but a run-of-the-mill black in my opinion. In addition, it’s slow drying so I often smudge it or turn a page too soon. This pen isn’t the easiest to clean, but even considering this, the ink took exceedingly long to flush from the pen. Since I was filling it immediately I didn’t get to concerned about removing every last trace and eventually gave up. Very un-Montblanc like. Even though it’s a small bottle I anticipate needing years to empty it. As for the pen, it’s still a favorite and has a new ink.

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age with Montblanc Ultra Black Writing Sample

Ryan Krusac Legend

Both the pen and ink were new from the DC Show. They worked well together and I like them both. The pen is a little light, compared to most of my pens, but comfortable to write with. The ink has already returned to the rotation and the pen will be back soon.

Ryan Krusac The Legend with Papier Plume Burgundy Writing Sample

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