Sunday Notes and Links – October 23, 2016

I didn’t do too much writing this week, much less than normal. Yet, a couple pens went dry and were cleaned out. Much to my dismay my newest pen, the Shawn Newton leaked a bit and I cleaned it out. I suspect I need to be more liberal with the silicone grease. It did seem like the ink creeped along the section threads. I’ll be refilling it later this week although I haven’t decided which Esterbrook nib to use. I also added two pens to the mix since I needed colored ink. The King of Pen got an orange and the Hermes got a green.

Not too many links this week, but let’s get to them.

Pen Shows & Clubs

There’s only one U.S. show left this year – Columbus, OH from November 10th through the 13th.

What Others Are Using

I’ve been trying a Traveler’s Notebook recently so found the following videos and articles interesting. Like The Purl Bug, I’m not getting a Hobonichi for next year, although my reasons are different.

Analogue System – 2016 Review — The Purl Bug and Analogue System – 2017 Preview — The Purl Bug (Videos)

Traveler’s Notebook and Me – Oct 2016 — Alt. Haven

Lamy Lx vs. Lamy Al-Star — Pendora’s Box // I was surprised to find that these are a bit more than new Safari colors. Some other subtle differences

A Quick Guide to Coping with Crappy Office Paper — The Gentleman Stationer // Good advice, although I admit with my thin nibs and fondness for Montblanc inks I never resorted to “Don’t Use Fountain Pens”. I also second the notion that yellow legal pads seem universally hostile to fountain pens, especially compared to the white legal pads.