Sunday Notes and Links – November 27, 2016

It was a holiday week here in the US which gave me less work-related reasons to use my fountain pens. My leisre writing time was also down this week so no pens were written dry. I did ink up one additional pen. My fountain pen day pen purchase did arrive from the Netherlands on Friday. I inked it up but I didn’t have a chance to really use it yet, although I will later today.

Oldwin Art Deco Fountain Pen in Bleu Automne: A Review — The Pen Addict // Gorgeous fountain pen.

The Pencilcase Blog: INKTASTIC: GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL STONE GREY REVIEW // I haven’t used this ink in a while, but it’s just behind Montblanc Permanent Grey among my grey inks.

Vintage Pen News: Wiley’s Union pen // A bit of information about a nib that’s over 150 years old. This was one of two recent posts, good to see activity return to this site, always a good read.

I think this is a first for me! — The Purl Bug // It feels good to finish a notebook.

Venvstas Carbon V Fountain Pen Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils! // The potential drawbacks of Kickstarter fountain pens (or anything else on Kickstarter).

Perun – Przemysław Marciński handmade fountain pen | Wondernaut in the world of stationery wonders // A new (to me) pen maker out of Poland. He’s been added to my Nib Workers, Pen Restorers and Fountain Pen Makers page.

Video-review: Diplomat Excellence A plus – Scrively // The post includes many photos and a few words about the pen, if you don’t want to watch the video.

Lamy LX Rose Gold Review — The Finer Point

Parker Sonnet | Write to Me Often

canetas e coisas: EPUSO

Review: Platinum 3776 Century – Kawaguchi — Alt. Haven

Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Translucent Bronze + Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum — Pendora’s Box

Sunday Notes and Links – November 20, 2016

My fountain pens did get used every day, although just not very much most days Usually just one or two pages. No changes among the six fountain pens inked up last Sunday although the Shawn Newton Eastman with a Esterbrook 2314-F nib and Montblanc Irish Green ink got most of the usage and was the clear favorite of the week.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The US pen show season is over, with the next season kicking off in Philadelphia on January 13-15th.

The Madrid Pen Show is nearly over by the time you’re reading this.

Gourmet Pens: Madrid Pen Show 2016

What Others Are Using

Currently Inked #22 | 17 November 2016 // Video

News: Brexit’s Impact on UK Pelikan Pricing « The Pelikan’s Perch // Pelikan prices rise in the UK, but they’re still significantly below US prices.

A Closer Look at the Lamy Lx Pen Case — Pendora’s Box // Seems like Lamy included a useful pen case with the Lx

Hobonichi Techo vs Stalogy 365 Throwdown — Pendora’s Box

Robert Oster’s Barossa Grape and Sunshine Yellow | FOUNTAIN PEN INKS & BLEACH // This post is a good example of why I like following this blog even though I have little interest in new inks (I have far to many already).

Review: Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline — Alt. Haven // I don’t read too many ink reviews these days so maybe I missed them, but this is an ink I haven’t seen reviewed before and I like the color.

Revisiting an old nemesis – And All Other Tasks // I’d long ignored the Safaris in my case but also enjoyed using one when it returned to the rotation.

UHU Primus Fountain Pen | Write to Me Often

My Pen Collection as a GIF and Ink Swabs as a GIF — TooManyPelikans // Mesmerizing

The Frugal Fountain Pen: TWSBI Eco Review

Izods profile | United Inkdom

My Favorite Pens – H. M. Smith Tapercap Overlay – Anderson Pens Blog

Pen Review: Aurora Optima Perla Fountain Pen – The Well-Appointed Desk // I picked this pen up on fountain pen day and so far I like it.

Pen Review: TWSBI Eco Lime Green Fountain Pen – The Well-Appointed Desk // I have no desire to own a TWSBI Eco, yet I’m really drawn by the color.

Sunday Notes and Links – November 13, 2016

The week started with frequent fountain pen usage although things declined rapidly as the week progressed. I’m still hit and miss with my writing each night. I write a few evenings in a row and then skip a few in a row. But it was enough to write several pens dry and only one of the pens I started the month with is still in the rotation, at least with the same ink. After filling a few pens I’m up to six inked fountain pens. This still feels like far too few but I’m trying to show restraint.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The last U.S. show of the year is running this weekend – Columbus, OH from November 10th through the 13th.

The Madrid Pen is running November 18th through the 20th.

Gourmet Pens: Madrid Pen Show 2016

Appleton Pen Club – Ink Swab Party – November 17th

Letter Writing Inspiration for Tonight’s Letter Writing Club at the Shop – Wonder Pens

What Others Are Using

What I use to draw – Portray Your Pet! // By Ian from Pens! Paper! Pencils! Although not a fountain pen in the bunch I do like his drawings and can’t argue with success.

Sunday Notes and Links – November 6, 2016

Things picked up this week as far as using my fountain pens went. There was more writing during the course of the week in addition to me writing at least two pages every night since Monday. So it feels like I’m back in the habit of nightly writing.

It was a more eventful Fountain Pen Day than I figured. I’ve been trying to find a use my disposable Pilot Varsity Pens. They’re great little pens that never dry out. Friday afternoon usually includes a coffee shop visit to plan the following week. I decided to bring along a Varsity and left it behind on the table, clipped to a Fountain Pen Day bookmark. It probably ended in the trash but I’d like to think it hooked someone.

Then I fell into the shopping abyss. It started with Matt’s latest Currently Inked video. The material of that Visconti Divina is gorgeous (as is the grey version). I’ve seen that celluloid material on several pens and there’s always been something about the specific pen that kept me away. In this case the pen might be a little small for my taste since at it’s price point I’d want something that can bust into my rotation as a regular. If I held the pen in real life I suspect I’d like it, but I decided not to take the risk.

I was already shopping so I looked at other pens on my wish list. Thanks to extremely favorable prices (and conversion rate) in Europe along with a FPD sale I ended up buying one. It’s one I did see and touch at the Washington DC show but I passed at the time, mainly due to its price. I bought the pen in Europe so it will take some time to arrive, but more when the pen arrives.

I also bought a second pen. It’s a pen that’s been on my list for awhile although more to try the brand, since they make their own nibs. This one is from a US retailer so it should arrive in the net day or two.

I did notice that many European brands were cheaper from European retailers than elsewhere. That they’re cheaper isn’t news, even to me, and does make certain sense. But I was shocked to see the magnitude of the difference in some cases. While some of it may be due to the exchange rate a lot had to be generally lower prices (keep in mind most website prices include VAT of 21% which gets deducted for shipments leaving Europe). In the past the shipping cost, my impatience and potential variations in the exchange rate from my bank have made the cost calculations close and l generally only bought from Europe when the item wasn’t available in the US. This time around it was no contest. The Pen Economist touches on this general topic in multiple posts and it’s worth browsing the articles, but Convergence and Distribution is good place to start.

Since I did a lot of writing this week I did write two pens dry, the Pelikan M101N and the Pilot VP XXXF. While cleaning the Pilot nib unit with a bulb syringe the metal nib unit slipped from my fingers and shot into the metal sink below. I expected to see a mangled nib but it survived without any noticeable damage. I added the Newton Eastman with an Esterbrook 2314F nib and Montblanc Irish Green to the rotation. I can’t remember the last time I had only four fountain pens inked.

Pen Shows & Clubs

There’s only one U.S. show left this year – Columbus, OH from November 10th through the 13th.

The Madrid Pen is running November 18th through the 20th: Gourmet Pens: Madrid Pen Show 2016

Scriptus 2016 Re-Cap – Wonder Pens // Nice vendor perspective of the Toronto pen show

Fountain Pen Day

As expected, there were a lot of fountain pen day posts:

My Fountain Pen Day Was Colored By Noodler’s | An Inkophile’s Blog

For the Love of a Good Fountain Pen – Thoughts on Fountain Pen Day – Wonder Pens

Fountain Pen Day 2016 –

Fountain Pen Day 2016 — Pendora’s Box

Fountain Pen Day 2016 Photo Post –

Happy Fountain Pen Day! | Write to Me Often

My Fountain Pen Day Line-Up — The Finer Point

What Others Are Using

Currently Inked: November 2016 — Pendora’s Box

At Last – The New Yorker

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Discerning Doodler – AARP

The Retail Aspiration — Pen Economics

kmpn: Japanese Competition on Nib Gold Fineness

Fountain Pen Day Giveaway Winner

TWSBI Eco and ink samples

Today’s mail delivery arrived with three letters that just made it in, and I’ve picked the giveaway winner. Bruce R. from California won the TWSBI and ink samples. Bruce used a Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib and Pilot Namiki Black ink. Bruce, you didn’t include your email so hopefully you see this, but since I do have your address the pen and ink will go out early next week. Congratulations.

There were 21 entries which I randomly put in a stack and then picked number 11 from