Currently Inked – November 2016

Usually the last Sunday of the month is when I ink up some new pens for the month ahead. Not this past Sunday. I’ll be starting November with just five pens inked up, four were inked before October began and the fifth was inked mid-October. I decided to skip any new pens for now and see if I can write these dry. Most of these pens have proven to be ones I skip over when others are at hand, yet they are all nice pens with nice inks.

The Vanishing Point with the needlepoint nib is nearly empty so that will be the first to go. Yet the nice thin nib and easy-access clip mechanism make this my most functional pen, so it will probably be immediately re-inked with another cartridge.

The Sailor will probably also remain, but with a different ink as I continue to try various inks in this relatively new fountain pen. The other three will be retired when they go dry as I’ve got a long(ish) list of other pens I want to ink up.

Currently Inked - November 2016 (capped)
Currently Inked Uncapped - November 2016
Currently Inked Writing Samples - November 2016

Still Inked

The Cherry Bamboo Vanishing Point is stingy with ink thanks to its XXXF nib but it’s nearly empty. It gets used every day in my Hobonichi Journal although it’s typically only a line or two. It was inked back on July 29th, so it’s been going awhile and problem free. I do swap the nib units between barrels for variety.

A second Vanishing Point, the new Guilloche, was inked up on September 9th when it was new. Neither the ink (blue) or the nib (medium) will make it to my favorites list so I’m not surprised it’s only half empty. The ink and nib are fine, just not my color or size preference. Even though the VP is ideal for quick notes, the medium nib isn’t my choice for this task.

The Pelikan M101N just doesn’t get much use and it’s been inked since July 29th. Sheaffer Peacock Blue is one the only blue/turquoise ink I actually like, rather than tolerate, but I guess I’m getting tired of it. Plus, for such a small pen the M101N holds a lot of ink.

The Sheaffer Balance Aspen deserves more use than it gets. I love the look and it’s a great writer. Yet it’s a fragile pen. I don’t use it as a note taker as those pens tend to get lightly tossed or jostled on my desk. Even when it’s on my desk it’s usually in a protective sleeve and therefor out of sight and out of mind.

New Pens & Inks

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) with Robert Oster Signature Orange

Sailor Pro Gear KOP with Oster Orange

Despite liking every orange ink I see online I’ve yet to use one I actually like. I picked the medium nib to inaugurate the ink brand in my pens. So far I like it, but don’t love it. I’m guessing I’ll like it even less in my typical thinner nibs but I’ll try to remain optimistic. Its certainly bright and orange. I don’t plan to give the pen a refill of this ink when it goes dry.

Pens Leaving the Rotation

Fisher of Pens Hermes (EF) with KWZ IG Green #2

Fishr of Pens Hermes with KWZ IG Green #2

I inked this pen up mid-month so it wasn’t even in October’s Currently Inked. This is an iron gall ink so once I inked the pen I made sure to use it a lot and it was written dry within two weeks. This was helped by the fact that I liked the ink. Being an iron gall ink it does darken as it dries, becoming more of a blue/green with the emphasis on blue. Once it was in the pen a couple of days it also darkened a bit which meant it didn’t write as a green either, which was a bit of a negative for me. But performance was great (with one caveat) and it’s waterproof. I did have to prime the feed a couple of times as the flow thinned out, but I think this may be due more to the pen than the ink. At least it wasn’t an issue unique to this ink. If I’m smart the next outing with the pen will be a Waterman or Iroshizuku ink since those work well with everything.

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age (EF) with Sheaffer Blue-Black

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age with Sheaffer Blue-Black

I was impressed with this inexpensive ink and it performed well in the pen. I let the empty pen sit about a week before cleaning and it was still easy enough to flush out. I liked the color, more black than blue, and looks vintage to my eye. It seemed a little slow to dry at times since I had a couple accidental smudges, but otherwise it performed well. I probably used the ink in a cartridge, but this is the first time I opened the bottle. The ink did well with the pen and the price is right.

Sailor Pro Gear King KOP (M) with P.W. Akkerman Hofkwartier Groen #28

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen with Akkerman Hofkwartier Groen 28

The more I use this ink the more I like it. It does well with this wide (for me) nib.

Pelikan M805 Stresemann (EF) with Papier Plume Burgundy

Pelikan M805 Stresemann with Papier Plume Burgundy writing sample

This ink quickly became one of my favorites. As I mentioned in the ink notes, it’s not a exact Montblanc Burgundy replacement, but for me it’s a spiritual replacement. This was the time using the pen since getting what Pelikan called an extra fine nib ground down to a real extra fine nib. Much better as far as I’m concerned.