Fountain Pen Day

Happy Fountain Pen Day! I still need to make one more trip to the PO Box so no winner of my fountain pen day giveaway. Sorry, unless your entry is already on the way even next day delivery won’t get it here on time. I had 18 entries as this week began.

I had planned to write several pens dry before inking up an new ones in November. While my inked pens are nice the fact that they’ve been inked over a month (some over 3 months) does indicate they aren’t favorites so reducing the competition would get them more use. But being Fountain Pen Day I decided to screw a Esterbrook nib into my newest pen and fill it with a favorite ink. So today’s pen will be a Shawn Newton Eastman demonstrator with a Esterbrook 2314-F fine stub nib with Montblanc Irish Green.

Even though it’s too late to enter my giveaway there are plenty of others going on so check your favorite retailer or website. Like any other “Day” there are plenty of sales going on.

What pen and ink are you using today?

6 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Day

  1. Pelikan M320 Pearl -M- with J. Herbin “Café des îles”
    … well, to be honest, I always use several, the other ones are
    Pelikan M300 Black -EF- with Pelikan 4001 “Blau-Schwarz/Blue-Back”
    Pelikan M200 Clear Demonstrator -F- with a mix of Diamine “Golden Sands” + J. Herbin “Lie de thé”
    Pilot Falcon -SEF- with Roher & Klingner “Blau Permanent”
    Pilot E95s with Rohrer & Klingner “Morinda”
    Waterman Lady Agathe with Rohrer & Klingner “Alt-Goldgrün”

    This creates a rainbow of dark red – brown – gold-brown – yellowish green – blue – blue-black. Love it!

    • Hi Jonathan, blue inks (and this one always seemed more blue than black) aren’t for me but the anti-forgery properties of the warden ink intrigue me.


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