Fountain Pen Day Giveaway Winner

TWSBI Eco and ink samples

Today’s mail delivery arrived with three letters that just made it in, and I’ve picked the giveaway winner. Bruce R. from California won the TWSBI and ink samples. Bruce used a Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib and Pilot Namiki Black ink. Bruce, you didn’t include your email so hopefully you see this, but since I do have your address the pen and ink will go out early next week. Congratulations.

There were 21 entries which I randomly put in a stack and then picked number 11 from

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Day Giveaway Winner

  1. Ray – The Bruce R winner has to be me as I can’t believe there was more than one Bruce from CA with a Metro inked with Pilot basic black among your entries. Thank you very much for the give-away. As I think I said in my post, I’ve been mulling a TWSBI so this is a very welcome addition to the small but growing collection of FPs.

    • Hi Bruce. Yup, it was you. Congratulations. The pen should arrive tomorrow according to USPS. Enjoy the pen and ink samples.

      Thanks for reading.

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