Sunday Notes and Links – December 4, 2016

Currently inked pens

Another fairly light week of fountain pen usage. The best I can say is I used them every day and wrote at least one A5 sized page each day. Unfortunately not much more than that one page each day.

I am behind on my December Currently Inked post although I hope to have it out on Monday. I’m also trying to get some “This Just In” posts for my latest pens but no promises there.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The US pen show season is over, with the next season kicking off in Philadelphia on January 13-15th.

Madrid Pen Show 2016 Recap | Hey there! SBREBrown //Video

What Others Are Using

Inks And Pens For December 2016 | An Inkophile’s Blog

Gourmet Pens: Field Trip: De Roos Vulpenspeciaalzaak Heemstede @DeRoosWit

Vintage Pen News: Why seal sections?

Montblanc Limited Editions — Pen Economics // A nice listing of Montblanc Limited Edition, both pens and ink.

Ask The Desk: Lamy Fountain Pens over $50 – The Well-Appointed Desk

Crónicas Estilográficas: Another Music Nib

canetas e coisas: ASA Patriot

Kanilea Pen Co. Kahakai Review // Beautiful pen, my hesitation comes from the rather pedestrian JoWo steel nib on a pricey pen although nice to hear it’s been well adjusted and not pedestrian.

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