Sunday Notes and Links – December 11, 2016

Currently Inked - December 11, 2016
My currently inked pens as another week ends.

My writing increased this past week, mainly due to the three articles posted this week. All started as hand written drafts. I wrote the Aurora dry and the Krusac Legend is on its last drops of ink. I needed a thin nib with a dark ink so I inked up my Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with Sailor Sei-Boku Blue-Black pigment ink.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The US pen show season is over, with the next season kicking off in Philadelphia on January 13-15th.

Singapore Pen Show 2016 — Alt. Haven

Gourmet Pens: Madrid Pen Show 2016 Recap

The Ghost without a Shell: The Sheffield Pen Show

Appleton Pen Club – One Last Hurrah!

What Others Are Using (or where they use them)

Wordless Wednesday: Favourite Writing Spots — Pendora’s Box

Currently Inked #24 | 4 December 2016 // I share his top pen material choice even though I only have a few pens with that material.

COLOR OF THE YEAR 2017 – Greenery // Not pen or ink related, but hey, green! Maybe we’ll see an ink in this color.

Review: Parker Beta — Alt. Haven // Seems like a nice pen for the equivalent of about $2.

Budget-priced fountain pens popular with young people – The Japan News and Why the fountain pen has become the must-have luxury accessory // Budget and luxury

Returning with Pen in Hand | Peaceable Writer

Selling pens: How the other half lives… | “fool with a pen…”

The Stationer – I’ve finally done it! | All Things Stationery // A new Stationery source, currently U.K. only

Field Notes Lunacy Limited Edition Pocket Notebooks — The Gentleman Stationer