Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) and Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen with Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake writing sample

The Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen has become the pen I go to in order to try out new inks. The medium nib, in addition to being a great Sailor nib, is a good middle of the road size for trying out inks. Although there’s probably an exception, I expect this nib to allow a ink to shine. This time around, for it’s fifth ink, I picked Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake. Unless you know snakes the name doesn’t give a hint to its orange color.

I picked Everglades Ratsnake as part of my continuing search for my ideal orange ink. While I liked the color well enough, the ink was a little dry, even for a guy that likes drier inks. The pen often felt like it was about to run dry. I also had to prime the feed once when using the pen, an uncommon occurrence with my Sailor pens unless they’ve been standing for an extended period of time, which wasn’t the case here.

The pen was inked from November 7th to December 15th. While this length of time would make it seem like I rarely used the pen, this wasn’t the case. The bright orange ink was good for highlights or headings in my notes, so it was used more days than it wasn’t. It just didn’t write much each day. That one time I had to prime the feed was during the rare occurrence of using it to write multiple pages and I was well into my second page.

It did well on the Tomoe River paper of my Seven Seas Writer and dried relatively fast compared to other inks on that paper. It was also used extensively on my Write Notepads wire bound notebook which I’m currently using for my work related notes. Medium nibs are always iffy on this paper but I didn’t suffer any bleed-through or show-through while using it. The ink dried quickly so I didn’t suffer any careless smudges either.

Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake was a nice enough ink and I do like the color, but it fell far short of being the perfect orange for me and my search will continue. The Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen continues to be a favorite and it’s already been filled with a new ink, but it was just meh with this ink.