Sunday Notes and Links – Holiday Edition

Cheers! - Happy holiday

Cheers and happy holidays to everyone. Happy Sunday to those who don’t celebrate any holiday this time of year. Since Sunday is Christmas for me, and I’m busy the day or two before, I’m putting this together on Thursday and will schedule it for Sunday. I’ll catch up with any missed links next week.

I’ve been consistent all year and every post (except these Sunday link posts) starts life as a written draft. That ended this week when the last two Ink & Pen Notes started life electronically to save time. This, along with things being slower at work, meant I used my pens a lot less. So naturally I responded by inking up a few more and now have seven fountain pens inked up. I received the ink I mentioned last Sunday and it’s already in my pens. The Montblanc Lucky Orange is in my Sailor KOP and Monteverde Napa Burgundy is in my Pelikan M805. Both inks have made a very favorable first impression.

Currently Inked - December 22, 2016

Pen Shows & Clubs

The US pen show season is over, with the next season kicking off in Philadelphia on January 13-15th.

Crónicas Estilográficas: Madrid in November (2016)

Pen Shows – Meeting the Makers · Penucopia

Gourmet Pens: Madrid Pen Show 2016: Close Ups!

What Others Are Using

Top 5 Favourite Pens – 2016 and Top 5 Favourite Inks – 2016 — Alt. Haven

Gourmet Pens: Magpie Syndrome: My Favorite Pens of 2016

2016 Planner Review — The Finer Point

TWSBI Eco – M nib | The Passionate Penman

Diamine Shimmertastic with F NIB and Just an updated family photo… – SquishyInk

Currently Inked Lettering Edition | Write to Me Often

Top 12 Fountain Pen Inks 2016 and Project Review | FOUNTAIN PEN INKS & BLEACH

The Frugal Fountain Pen: My Beaker Pen Cup

So long… — The Purl Bug // (Video) This was the most depressing stationery news I’ve seen in awhile. I really enjoyed her videos and will miss them. I agree with most of the points regarding the growth of the pen community. Like many of her videos this one left me wanting something. I’ll be digging out my Hitchhiker’s Guide series and reading it again.

Shaking the Fear Of Art | From the Pen Cup

Crónicas Estilográficas: Family Portait (VII). Integrated Nibs

And finally…

Above video via The Loop