Currently Inked – January 2017

It’s both a new year and a new month, a good time for change. Although two fountain pens didn’t get the message and start January with the same ink they had when December began. Another two pens carried over from December, but with new ink.

Currently Inked Pens (Capped) - January 2017
Currently Inked (Uncapped)  - January 2017
Currently Inked Writing Samples - January 2017

The Newton Eastman with its Esterbrook Falcon Fine Stub (#2442) still has about 1/2 a barrel of Montblanc Irish Green ink. I do have a different nib than December. I’m enjoying this nib but will probably swap it out before the pen is empty. It’s a nice benefit of this pen – the ability to easily swap to any of my 30+ Esterbrook nibs. The pen pretty much remains home bound although it has ventured out one or two times.

The Montblanc Meisterstück Ultra Black LeGrand with its oblique medium nib is still on its first fill of ink, Montblanc Bordeaux. I haven’t been using this pen as much as I thought I would, although there’s no good reason for it. I love the pen and the nib.

The Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe was inked the second week of December when I needed a nice thin nib and a relatively dark ink. So this pen, with its extra fine nib was inked with a Sailor Pigmented Blue-Black cartridge. I picked this ink for it’s added bonus of being waterproof. With such a thin nib I suspect I’ll be flushing this out before I write it dry.

The Aurora Optima Nero Perla with its medium nib returns from December, but with a new ink. This month it has P.W. Akkerman #12 Mauritshuis Magenta. I’ve had the bottle for awhile but only opened it recently. This is the first time I’ve used the ink and was pleasantly surprised by the color. So far it’s doing well in the medium nib and it’s been well behaved.

The Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age (EF) age has returned to the rotation after a two month hiatus. I picked Montblanc Lavender Purple this time around. Another ink that I’ve had for awhile but haven’t used until now. This ink seems to quickly darken if the pen isn’t used for a day or two. It’s not so vibrant in this thin nib.

The Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) continues in the rotation, but with a new ink. This time around it’s Montblanc Lucky Orange, which is Montblanc’s latest special edition ink. I’m still looking for my perfect orange ink and Lucky Orange is off to a good start.

The Pelikan M805 Stresemann (EF) also had a two month break but now returns to the rotation with Monteverde Napa Burgundy which is another new to me ink that was recently released by Monteverde.

Written Dry

I wrote the following pens dry last month. Links are to the Ink and Pen Notes post for the combination.

Ryan Krusac Legend (EF) with Diamine Ancient Copper

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M) and Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake

Aurora Optima Nero Perla (M) with Aurora Black