Sunday Notes and Links – January 29, 2017

Currently Inked - January 29, 2017
I wrote one pen dry, but the other six are still around.

I’m in a rut. My writing continued at a low level. My note taking was up a little this week, but that didn’t make up for the days I skipped journaling. I finally wrote a pen dry, the Sailor King of Pen with Montblanc Lucky Orange ink. So there’s a new photo with just six pens. I may prematurely flush and replace a couple other pens as February begins, just to mix things up a bit. I’ll be re-inking the Sailor KOP later today but with a different ink (still undecided) and the Lucky Orange will return to a different pen. I want to see how it does with a thinner nib.

InCoWriMo starts this week. I was going to skip it this year, but I’ll take the motivation to write and say I’m doing it, even though I’m 99.9% sure I won’t come close to 1 a day. I’ll take the opportunity to catch up with letters that I owe and maybe send out some postcards.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The next US show is on the other coast, in Los Angeles, from February 16th to 19th.

What Others Are Using

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Lucky Orange – Montblanc LE ink | Wondernaut in the world of stationery wonders // My thoughts about this ink are slightly different, although it’s still in its first pen. At this point it’s one of my favorite oranges. I have’t had the nib evaporation problem. But like I said, this is based on one pen.

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      It’s a Franklin-Christoph Penvelope Six in Boot Brown Leather. It’s about five years old and I read they changed the leather to resist wear better. Not an improvement in my opinion :(. Now it seems the leather is completely different.

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