Kickstarter: Tomoe River Hippo

Krys has been writing the Squishy-Ink blog since last year. While not exclusively ink reviews there’s a constant flow of them along with great, colorful photography. I’ve linked to it’s posts more than once and if you’ve never visited the site head on over there now.

She recently launched a Kickstarter for a hardcover notebook with 68GSM Tomoe River paper. It’s worth noting that 68GSM is slightly thicker than the more common 52GSM paper. I do have a notebook with 68GSM paper and it is still thin paper, just not as thin as the paper in my Seven Seas Writer, Crossfield or Hobonichi Techo. I’ve yet to actually use the 68GSM paper so I can’t speak to its properties. This will make the it thicker than the 480 pages in the Seven Seas Notebooks. I suspect the difference will be noticeable. (It’s described as 500 pages, this could mean 250 double-sided sheets but from the photos I’m guessing it’s 500 sheets.)

The notebook is called pocket A5 sized because it is a little shorter than A5 sized. There’s also a exclusive Robert Oster ink (after all, it’s from Squishy Ink) available as a reward called Hippo Purple.

The project has already burst through it’s goal, so it will happen. They’ve also reached all four stretch goals. There’s still a few days left to get early bird reward pricing and the campaign closes April 23rd.

I did back the project (notebook & ink), but it is Kickstarter so I feel compelled to mention there’s a risk especially since it’s her first project. In this case I’d guess the ship date (July 2017) is a bit too aggressive and I won’t see the rewards until after that. That said, I’ve no doubt they notebook and ink will be delivered soon after that and be of good quality.

Visit the Kickstarter page for all the details.

3 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Tomoe River Hippo

  1. Thank you for blogging about this, Ray! I just backed the project too, thanks to your post, and I’m looking forward to both the notebook and the ink whenever they might arrive.

  2. I also just backed this! I really hope that the shipping time isn’t too off. I backed one other project in the past and it took 3 months longer than promised

    • Hi Olive,

      It seems Kickstarter projects always miss the delivery date, especially if they’re successful. I do think this will be a great notebook, just that with all the border crossing for the supplies I think everything would have to run perfectly for this date to be met.Especially now that 5 stretch goals have been met and each adds complexity and something else to go wrong. Not trying to be negative, but since I backed it and wrote about it I wanted to be upfront that I backed it even though my own opinion was that the delivery date would be missed.

      Thanks for reading,

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