Currently Inked – June 2017

There’s no changes since my last Currently Inked post since that one wasn’t done until mid-May. But I’m a creature of habit and like consistency, so I wanted to get back to having this post up as the month begins. It’s the same seven fountain pens as my May 18th post.

Currently Inked Capped Pens - June 2017

Fodderstack XL Carry

The Fodderstack XL still has my Sailor Regency Stripe and Retro 51 Terabyte Tornado although neither has gotten much use, although the Retro 51 probably got used a bit more than the Regency Stripe. The ink level in the Regency Stripe is slowly dropping. It’s now below the collar that holds the cartridge in place. Still, at the rate I’m going it will easily survive the month.

The Other Pens

Currently Inked Uncapped Pens - June 2017

The Newton Eastman is getting to the end of its massive ink supply. I doubt it will survive the month. It’s low enough that I’d flush it out if the burping became a real problem, but I rather like the look of the remaining ink splattered around the barrel so I plan to use it to the last drop. The #2442 Esterbrook nib remains a fixture on the pen.

The Sheaffer Balance II Aspen doesn’t get a lot of use by me which is a bit strange, because it’s a great looking and writing fountain pen. I can explain part of it because it’s a fragile pen and I keep it in it’s own protective single-pen case so the actual pen is out of sight. There’s still half a converter of ink in it.

The Montblanc Ultra Black LeGrand also has a lot of ink left in it, although the level is finally visible in the ink window. The oblique medium nib is one of the wider nibs I have currently inked and the Montblanc Bordeaux is a ink favorite, so it may not survive the month.

The Pilot Custom 823 has barely been used. The only reason the ink level seems low is because I didn’t even try to get a full load of ink when I inked it up.

The Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen is nearly empty. There’s probably one or two pages worth of Bookbinders Red-Belly Black Callifolio Aurora ink left in it. I like the ink a lot and I’m considering changing my habit of cycling different inks through the KOP, rather than re-inking the same ink.

The Franklin-Christoph Model 66, while desk bound, has gotten a lot of use. It sits right in front of me on my desk so it’s always top of mind and easy to pick up and use. While the Newton Eastman is right next to it the Eastman is a bit finicky so the 66 is usually my choice.

The NASA/Space Retro 51 didn’t go dry, but I haven’t been using it. I put it in my new Lanier so I always have a pen when I carry it. But it’s more a security blanket than a needed pen since I always pack additional pens or have the Fodderstack XL in my pocket.

[June 2, 2017] This is embarrassing. I have the wrong ink listed for the Sailor King of Pen. It’s Callifolio Aurora. Should have been obvious when I thought – gee, I thought red-belly black was black, not red. Too many inks.

Currently Inked Writing Sample - June 2017