Ink & Pen Notes: Visconti Brunelleschi (M) with Callifolio Aurora

Visconti Brunelleschi (M) with Callifolio Aurora ink bottle

The Visconti Brunelleschi is the fountain pen that triggered my terra cotta themed ink buying binge that Callifolio Aurora was swept up in. It was my first Callifolio ink and it made a good first impression. It uses the same wedge shaped 40ml bottle as the Diamine Anniversary inks, so the ink may be manufactured by Diamine, or they may just share bottles.

The Brunelleschi has a smooth medium nib and has a nice consistent ink flow. There’s no real shading or line variation with this combination but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I do like the color and the medium nib does a good job of showing it off. While not fast drying, it dries fast enough to prevent my accidental smudges.

Callifolio Aurora performed well enough to earn a return to this rotation, although it probably won’t be in this pen, at least not right away. I’ll pick another terra cotta themed ink when the Visconti Brunelleschi returns to the rotation, which will be soon.

Visconti Brunelleschi (M) with Callifolio Aurora writing sample

Ink & Pen Notes: Fisher of Pens Hermes (F) with P.W. Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen

Fisher of Pens Hermes (EF) with Akkerman Hofkwartier Grown 28 ink bottle

The Fisher of Pens Hermes is a fountain pen that I picked up at last year’s Washington D.C. Pen Show. I love the vintage celluloid material that was used. While simple, or maybe because it’s simple, I’m also really drawn to the design. That said, the Hermes has a temperament that makes it hard to like.

This time out I picked another green ink for the pen. I filled it with P.W. Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen which is beginning to rival Montblanc Irish Green as my favorite green ink. It’s performance in this pen didn’t help it’s cause. (While not as bad, Irish Green wasn’t great in this pen either.)

First, I’ll say that writing performance was good. There wasn’t any skipping or hard starts until the very end when I had to force the remaining couple of pages worth of ink into the feed.

So the problem? Nib creep and a lot of ink in the cap which made it to the section. The pen did bounce around in my bag but other pens in the same case faired much better. Enough ink would work its way to the section that while unnoticeable it would get on my fingers and I would occasionally then smudge it onto the page.

With such free-flowing ink I expected the pen to be easy to clean. I can’t remember the last time a cartridge/converter pen was such a PITA the clean. The cap needed to be swabbed out to get all traces of the ink out. Flushing the pen required repeated flushes with a bulb syringe, then a ultrasonic bath, then some more bulb syringe flushes. It was more tedious and time consuming than the vac filler I cleaned at the same time.

I accept that this pen will drip more ink into the cap than most of my other pens and I can live with that. But the Akkerman #28 ink’s tendency to creep means it won’t be back in this pen. I’ve had enough good experiences with this pen to know this was an anomaly and it performs well in most pens, so it will eventually return in another pen.

Even though I seem to have a complaint about the Fisher of Pens Hermes each time I use it I still really like the pen and it’s capable of being a good writer. It will return to the rotation with a new ink as I continue my quest to find the perfect ink for this temperamental fountain pen.

Fisher of Pens Hermes (EF) with Akkerman Hofkwartier Grown 28 writing sample

Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe (EF) with Sailor Nano Sei-Boku (Blue-Black)

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe (EF) with Sailor Blue-Black (pigment) cartridges

My Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with its extra fine nib and Sailor Nano Sei-boku blue-black ink is a holdover from last year, having been inked up in early December. That’s a long time to have a pigment ink, even a nano pigment ink, in any pen. This one is a thin Japanese extra fine nib which, on the surface, seems like a bad combination. In the 7+ months that the pen was inked the combination was completely problem free. No hard starts and no skipping, just smooth writing.

Ever since the original converter leaked a full load into the barrel of this pen I’ve stuck to cartridges. Since I prefer a dark ink with this thin nib this hasn’t been a problem since I do like the Sailor ink. It was a cartridge again this time out.

The Regency Stripe spent most of its time in my Nock Co. Fodderstack XL which travels in my shirt pocket. Any fountain pen in this roll gets limited use and the Regency Stripe got even less use. As a screw-cap pen, and one that needs about two complete rotations to uncap, it isn’t quick to use and I would often pick the Retro 51 that was next to it for any quick note. But it did get used occasionally when I sat down to write. I did like having a very thin nib always available to me. In July I moved it to my Penvelope 6 and it got frequent use during the month. The nib has a nice firmness to it with just a little spring and the ink flow is consistently good.

It was about a week before I got around to flushing out the dry pen. Again, not something I like to do with a pigment ink but in this case the pen was easy to clean out. I cleaned two other pens with it and this was the easiest and quickest by far.

I’m already missing the Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe from my rotation. I keep having this internal debate about sticking with pens I like or going with a variety. I think this one will return to the rotation in August, but this time it will be in my pen case where I’ll use it regularly.

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe (EF) with Sailor Blue-Black (pigment) writing sample

Field Notes For Sale

I’ve been working to reduce the clutter around the apartment. I finally got to my box (well, one of them) of pocket notebooks. I decided to put a few that were still in the shrink wrap up on eBay. Even without these I’ll still have far more than I’ll ever use. All are still in the original shrink wrap. Follow the link to the eBay listing for full details.

Standard shipping in the U.S. is free although expedited shipping is a added-cost option. International shipping is available to most countries but it will probably be expensive. The price is set by eBay and will vary by destination.

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Currently Inked – July 2017

July 2017 Currently Inked capped
July 2017 Currently Inked uncapped

A lot of fountain pen changes this month. I wrote three pens dry: the Sailor Pro Gear KOP, the Montblanc Ultra Black LeGrand and the Newton Eastman. This brought me down to only four inked fountain pens. I inked some pens up and I’ll be starting the month with 12 inked fountain pens and one rollerball. The Montblanc Ultra Black was immediately re-inked with the same ink and returned to the rotation.

The eight fountain pens in my Perfect Penvelope makes up the bulk of my currently inked pens. These also happen to be the pens getting the most use in the last few days. I’ve been rotating through them so they all get a turn.

The Pilot Vanishing Point with its XXXF nib and black ink is also newly inked. It replaced the Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe in my Fodderstack XL. The Anderson Pens Retro 51 Limited Edition was replaced with the new Retro 51 “Play Ball” edition. It’s using the same stock REF5P refill, so the change is just cosmetic.

The Lamy Petrol has been inked since I got it but it hasn’t gotten much use. I like its look and the extra fine nib writes well. It just hasn’t grabbed my attention.

The Franklin-Christoph Model 66 continues to live of my desk. I eyedropper filled it so there’s probably still plenty of ink left it it. It got more use when it was one of four inked pens. Now that it’s 1 of 12 its use is more intermittent.

The Sheaffer Balance Aspen gets occasional use but it’s out of site in its protective cocoon and therefor out of mind. But I pull it out when I think of it.

Since eight of the fountain pens were inked at one time with a variety of nibs and inks I have a nice variety to keep things interesting this month. I’ve been writing more recently so that’s a good thing.

July 2017 Currently Inked writing sample