Commonwealth (Boston) Pen Show – 2017

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The Commonwealth Pen Show kicks off in a few hours, running Sunday September 10, 2017 from 9am to 5pm. It’s at the same location just north of Boston, at the Holiday Inn Boston Bunker Hill Area. Same hotel but in a new, bigger room. Full details are on their website. The vendor count tops 50 this year. As usual, Nathan from Noodler’s ink will have a special pen show ink.

I won’t be able to attend this year either, but it’s good to see that the show continues to grow. They also added (unless I missed them in last year’s details) a couple workshops on Saturday. So the show is getting closer to a two day show which I’d be more likely to attend in the future.

2 thoughts on “Commonwealth (Boston) Pen Show – 2017

  1. I was at the Commonwealth Pen Show for the morning. There were more vendors, and several people doing nib work, so you had options if Richard Binder’s list got long. Also, Nathan Tardif posted his video explaining his show info very late. I recommend viewing it. His new safety pen will be available through retailers soon. All show attendees got a 1oz bottle of the special show ink–“Boston Bramin Blue.” He also had colleagues from the UK selling three inks that are for the UK and are not sold in the US. Special treat for me was meeting Ian Schon, a Massachusetts resident, setting up at the show for the first time. Finally a chance to buy one of his cool pens.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the update. Sounds like it was a great show. Next year I’ll have to try harder to free up my Sunday if it’s still just a one day show. You have depressed me by saying Ian Schon was there, would love to see his pens in person.

      Thanks for reading,

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