Ink Declutterring #2

The ink has been claimed (using the contact form) and the comments are closed. No longer available.

As Inktober comes to a close it’s time for me to get rid of some more ink. It will work the same as the last time although the Decluttering #1 recipient isn’t eligible. After the ink arrives safely and is inspected the recipient will send me $30 via PayPal send money to friends or Square Cash. The amount covers shipping with a little more to cover my time and misc expenses but is well under the value of the ink. Unfortunately this is for delivery in the United States only.

I’ve filled a USPS medium flat rate box filled with ink. Some (maybe all) the ink has been opened and used for a fill or two. There is over 75% of ink left in each bottle. This batch is Diamine and J. Herbin focused.

The ink goes to the first person to claim it (U.S. shipping only). To claim it either add a comment to this post or contact me using the contact form. Include your favorite ink color as a small hurdle to verify you read the entire post. Please use a valid email address (it will not be shared with anyone) in the email field so I can contact you. Do not include your address in the comment since it will be visible, I’ll get it via a followup email if you’re getting the ink.

Photo of the ink
The Ink

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