Ink Decluttering #3 & #4

I’ve got some more ink to clear out. This will probably be the last batch for awhile so I’m going to pick the recipients slightly differently although the rest will be the same since it seemed to work well.

I’ve filled a medium flat rate box with some ink and will send it out (U.S. only) to someone who agrees to pay $30 upon successful arrival of the ink. While $30 is a good price for the ink (covers shipping with a little for my time) it is not a giveaway.

All bottles are at least 75% full except the R&K Sepia which suffered a spill and has more air than ink in it.

I’ve included photos below but I have to say I think I might have switched the ink up a bit since taking the photos. Since the boxes are sealed I’m not opening them, just be aware that the inks may be slightly different or swapped around.

To enter a claim for one of the boxes:

  1. Agree to pay $30 via PayPal send money to friends or Square Cash upon successful arrival and inspection of one box of ink.
  2. Shipping addresses in the United States only.
  3. Enter a comment below and include you favorite ink color (a basic color such as “red” or specific such as “Pilot Blue”). Meant as a small speed bump to require reading the post, not a trick question.
  4. One entry (comment) per person. No entries via contact form this time, comments only.
  5. Please use a valid email in the comment’s email field, it will not be visible or given to anyone else. I will use it to contact you for the shipping address. Do not include your address or email in the comment itself.
  6. Entries must be in by 10PM US Eastern Time on Sunday Nov. 12th. Some comments may be held for moderation, comments in the moderation queue by 10PM are valid, even if not yet approved.
  7. Once you receive the ink safely please pay $30 to me via PayPal or Square Cash.


  • Two recipients selected, one box per recipient, using
  • The box you get is random. They’re already sealed and I’ve lost track of which is which.
  • I probably won’t pick the recipients until Sunday Monday and will contact the recipients by email at that time. Response within 48 hours is required, otherwise I’ll pick someone else.
Batch of ink for decluttering
Batch of ink for decluttering

16 thoughts on “Ink Decluttering #3 & #4

  1. I love trying new inks and would enjoy this . . . I too am glad it is random this time. I’m not sure of a favorite ink because I’m always experimenting, by right now near the top of the list is Pilot Iroshizuku kon-peki (a deep turquoise color).

  2. A fan of blue blacks here!
    Tried a lot of different samples, but blue blacks are my favorites.
    And yes I am ready to pay the price.
    Thank you!

  3. I like red, orange inks, also some inks like aquamarine of Pelikan etc. Blue Pilot would be also great gift to me!

  4. I love dark warm greens, like Diamine Evergreen and Sailor Tokiwa Matsu! But when I’ve had too much of them, cool reds and purples are my jam.

    Thanks for making this random!

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