Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – Nov. 13, 2017

Karas Pen Co. Decograph 1702 Elektron - uncapped

Ink Decluttering

My fountain pen usage ticked up a bit this week. I started journalling again at night. My goal is at least one A5 page every day. I missed two days and only did half a page a third day. But I did manage to do seven pages over the entire week. Not much, but seven pages more than the week before. I always have trouble finding a good time to write. I’ll probably try doing the journalling at lunch rather than at the end of the day when I’m tired, or maybe in a addition to the end of the day.

It’s been awhile, but I finally wrote another pen review (although just a quick look) of the Karas Pen Decograph 1702 Elektron pictured above.

I’ve finished going through my ink drawers and I’m getting rid of ink I haven’t used in awhile and may never use.   Two more medium flat rate boxes are available to U.S. addresses for $30/each. I still have more ink than I’ll ever use (unless I start spilling it) but I think this will end my ink decluttering for now.

I cleaned out my desk this week and was shocked by how much fits in those drawers. I had several packages of wood-cased pencils and partially filled pocket notebooks. Now when I miss my Field Notes subscription (which I didn’t renew) I’ll just think about all those notebooks with one or two pages of writing.

Taking Pens Apart to Clean

The latest Anderson Pens podcast (#249) covered the question about taking pens apart (pull the nib) to clean (at about the 27:30 mark). I couldn’t agree more for all the reasons they mention and I don’t understand what seems to be a growing feeling that pens must be taken apart to clean. I don’t disable my pens to clean for all the reasons they mention. If I have to take apart a pen to clean I consider it my failure (such as being lazy) or a failure of the ink and I should avoid using it.

Marlen Aleph Fountain Pen Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils! – Ian’s review caught my attention because I never heard of the brand. After reading the review I can understand why. The “Con” is a bit of a show-stopper.

Matthew reviews my favorite paper line. Doane Paper is probably my most used paper. The large writing pads are a standard as are the large utility notebook. The large flap jotter is a favorite for a steno sized notebook but it’s been awhile since I used one.

Dr. Deans has a new job (congratulations!) so the Pen Economics blog will be on hiatus. Nows a good time to catch up on his unique point of view.

The Wancher Penfolium 13 Pen Portfolio took inspiration (to put it generously) from the Franklin-Christoph Lucky 13 Penvelope but does have one solid improvement. I love my Penvelopes but this one does address one shortcoming (the rigid pen slots) although I do wonder what that will do to the protection it provides.

A bit off topic but worth reading if you’re a Quicken user. You’ll be paying more if you upgrade this year, although you may not realize it. While the owners are new, this type of deceiving money grab is ingrained in the company’s DNA and why I stopped using this years ago. (FYI – Turbo Tax is owned by the same company, something to consider at tax time.)

Another off-topic link, but one that fascinated me is about the Giant Magellan Telescope. How “Giant”? Hint: The mirrors are made under a football field and each mirror starts with 20 tons of glass and takes about 5 years to make. There will be 7 mirrors when it’s done.