Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – December 10, 2018

Another fountain pen was written dry this week. The Pelikan M620 Shanghai, ran out of Omas Green ink on Saturday. It took a mere four months to write the pen dry. I had carried it in my Fodderstack XL which kept it available for use. Nearly all my writing this past week was note taking and list making. So while the Pelikan was used enough to write dry, the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with Akkerman Dutch Masters 09 (Steenrood Vermeer) was easily the pen I used most. It sits on my desk and has a nice extra fine nib which makes it ideal for notes and lists.

The photo below was supposed to be my remaining inked pens, except I forgot about the Lamy Safari Petrol that’s still in my bag.

The pens currently inked and in my daily carry
The pens currently inked and in my daily carry

Edison Pens will be raising prices on January 1st, after 9 years at the current prices.

Carl Fisher (Fisher of Pens) is raising money (on Go Fund Me) to replace/improve his lathe. Discounts on custom pens, or complete pens, are available at the various reward levels.

As the photo above shows, I still use my Foddrstack XL regularly. Ian from Pens! Paper! Pencils! just reviewed it. My review from July 2015 is here.

The Gentleman Stationer’s review of the Waterman Carène reminded me I have one too and it might me time to ink it up. Although I’m more likely to ink up the Edson.

Alt. Haven has photos of the 2017 Singapore Pen Show.

A little music to end the post (via The Loop).