Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Merry Monday those who don’t.

Cheers! - Happy holiday

Staples Visit

My trips to Staples have become few and far between, but I stopped by for some holiday shopping. As usual, I stopped by the pen aisle to see what they had in fountain pens. Staples has organized their pens by type (gel, ballpoint, etc…) and the fountain pens were in the …and more section. There are the usual suspects, some Cross and some Parker along with a strange assortment of ink. Some Parker and Cross ink of course, but also some Sheaffer and Pelikan even though they didn’t have any of their pens and some of the Sheaffer cartridges are proprietary (they did have Sheaffer standard international too). They didn’t have any proprietary Pilot cartridges even though they sold pens that used them. None of the pens were stocked in depth, usually just one of each available color on the rack. I think that bottle of Parker ink is the same one that’s there from last year. There always seems to be one lone bottle.

What I did come across were some Pilot MR Retro Pop fountain pens. I’m not sure how Pilot distinguishes between MR and Metropolitan. At one time I read the Metropolitan used proprietary Pilot cartridges while the MR used standard international cartridges. These pens proved that wrong. I now suspect that was a brand transition with Metropolitan being a model of MR and that the cartridge type depends on the country. These were blister packed, designed to be hung from a hook and lacked any Metropolitan branding. They came with one propriety Pilot cartridge (in the pen barrel) of black ink. No converter is included, and the packaging doesn’t even mention one is available. There were only five pens left in the rack, in four different colors. They were marked down to $6, so I bought one of each available color. The pens all have fine nibs, but even this is hidden on the back of the package with the official item info and stock number.

The Pilot MR’s made up for my disappointment with not finding Pilot Varsity pens in stock, but the Varsities seem to be gone from all stores.

I’m writing this up during the week so it’s short and anything I didn’t see before Thursday evening won’t be here.

Conklin Nighthawk Titanium Fountain Pen Review at The PencilCase Blog. My few experiences with Conklin have all been bad, so I avoid the brand. But this one caught my eye before I saw the brand. Dries experience is better than I would have expected Although, I wonder how much of it is due to Goulet’s involvement and using their nib?

top 4 favourite pens 2017 at alt. haven. It’s that time of year and Junee starts things off.

Finally, going off-topic, Comicraft will have their annual New Year’s Font Sale where all font families cost the year, so this time all fonts will be $20.18. This applies to all fonts, even those that normally cost less than $20. So check out the fonts ahead of time so you can snag that $395 font at a $375 discount and avoid overpaying for that $19 font. Also be sure to get the international versions of fonts (if available) since they’ll now cost the same and include extra characters. A PDF catalog of all their fonts is here. If the past is any indicator, normal font prices won’t be anywhere to be found on New Year’s Day, so be prepared. Also, as a side note, I have had download problems on New Year’s Day itself in the past but got the fonts later. There was one year with PayPal issues but they were responsive via email but that was a while ago.

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  1. Thanks for the link Ray. You strike a good point suggesting the Goulet nib is the gamechanger here! I haven’t had much experience with Conklin nibs, but the ones I’ve tried were indeed far from great, this JoWo nib performs as it should (nothing out of the ordinary, but a solid writer nonetheless).
    Merry Christmas btw!

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