Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – December 31, 2017

A deep freeze set in over New England the day after Christmas and the 10-day forecast doesn’t get us above freezing for another eight days. While I like this weather (it’s quite sunny out when there is daylight) it provides an excuse to stay inside and use fountain pens. Although it does make mail-order ink buying a risk, which kept me from a spur-of-the-moment ink purchase (you’ll find the brand in the links below).

I’ve used fountain pens a lot recently, at least when compared to my previous usage. I’m down to just two inked fountains pens as the year ends. I’ll be inking up some additional pens later today. The Montblanc has no signs of ink left through the view window, but it’s still writing. I’ll use that Montblanc Bordeaux ink until the last drop. The Lamy 2000 will probably last awhile, especially if I ink up some pens that get my attention. The Ugly Sweater Retro 51 is still my rollerball carry.

The Pilot 823 and Lamy Safari Petrol were both written dry. The Pilot was first inked up back in mid-February. The Pilot Blue-Black ink was easy to flush out and stain free, despite spending over ten months in the pen. For a pen I like writing with, I certainly didn’t use it very much. The aesthetics of the pen affects me more than I would have guessed. The Lamy Safari Petrol was inked up back on June 1st when I got the pen. I used the blue ink cartridge that came with the pen. I’d forgotten how much I like the Safaris.

The Franklin Christoph Model 66 was flushed early. It was inked up as an eyedropper back on March 20th and served as my desk pen most of the time. I checked the ink level about two weeks ago. I must have knocked away enough silicone grease that ink started to find a way out of the pen. Just enough to stain the finger it rested on to begin with, but recently it was much more. Since the wasn’t much Akkerman Dutch Masters 09 Steenrood van Vermeer left I decided to flush it out rather than clean it up and apply more silicone grease.

Site Updates:

I updated the U.S. pen show calendar to reflect the 2018 schedule for the shows I could find (which is almost all of them). I still find it amazing (and frustrating) that the biggest pen show leaves us hanging until the very end. If they keep this up, they may have to drop their claim as the “Largest pen event in the world.”

I updated my Resources & Links links page but realize I’ve utterly failed to keep track of new sites I’ve come across. If you’ve got a site or blog that talks about fountain pens, please let me know so that I can add it to the list.


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Today’s off-topic wrap up has a little revenge rolled into phone security.

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