Obligatory New Year Post

There must be a rule that requires me to do an end of year or resolutions type post, everybody does it. Or maybe it’s just an easy way the generate content and clicks. I’m not much for resolutions since I feel that any made just because it’s a new year are doomed to fail. But a recap does give me something to write about and revisit 2017.

Last year was one where I purposely slowed my acquisitions in order to enjoy what I already have. I only purchased two fountain pens worth counting. The Visconti Brunelleschi joined my high-end pens. The price was daunting, but it’s similarity in size to my favorite, the Visconti Homo Spain Bronze Age pushed it into the buy column. I got it with a medium nib to compliment I have no regrets.

Visconti Brunelleschi Limited Edition box top view

The second pen is at the other end of the price spectrum, the Lamy Safari Petrol. I picked this one up with an extra fine nib. I like the color and find Safaris comfortable, so no regrets here either.

Lami Safari Petrol (EF) with Blue Ink Cartridge

As for the fountain pens not worth counting, there were 23 of them, all purchased in December. A pack of 7 Pilot Varsity disposables, a pack of a dozen Thornton’s Office Supplies disposable fountain pens. Finally, there were the four Pilot MR Retro-Pops that I found for $6/each during my recent Staples trip.

While it arrived late in 2016, the Aurora Optima Nero Perla was the surprise favorite of the year. I enjoyed the pen much more than I would have expected. It became one of my favorites in 2017. The more I used it, the more I liked it.

Aurora Optima Nero Perla uncapped

The past year also saw me expand my horizons from thin nibs. They’re still a preference, but I’m using larger nibs more these days. And enjoying them.

I stopped keeping track of new ink acquisitions but I shipped out over 40 bottles in my ink decluttering, so it was a net drop for sure. I continue to buy the Montblanc Special Editions if the color isn’t blue. I also went on a terra-cotta themed buying spree to go with the Brunelleschi.

Much to my surprise, I used my Inky Fingers Currently Inked Notebook to consistently log all my inked pens throughout the year. There were 44 new pen inkings in 2017, and another seven were inked in 2016 but stayed inked into the new year. Of course, five of these were inked on the last day of the year and probably shouldn’t count. But, they do.

I let my Field Notes subscription lapse. I have more than enough pocket notebooks. I did buy some Dime Novel sets. I also purchased some Reporter’s Notebooks, and one sits by my keyboard at all times.

Speaking of notebooks, I backed the Hippo Note on Kickstarter and I’m still waiting for its arrival. A little late considering the original July eta. Some started shipping in October, but I ordered the Ivory which has had considerable production problems.

I didn’t make it to any pen shows this past year. Hopefully, I’ll make it to Long Island or Boston this year.

I expect 2018 to be much like 2017 as far a fountain pens and stationery goes. I’ll enjoy what I have and avoid acquisition mode.

Happy New Year!