Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – January 14, 2018

I had mixed success with fountain pen and stationery related activities this past week. I didn’t write any fountain pens dry, although one is close. My favorite pen & ink combo, by a wide margin, was the Sailor King of Pen with Montblanc “The Beatles” Psychedelic Purple ink. The medium nib does an excellent job of showing off the purple ink. It’s nearly dry and won’t last another week which will present me with a problem. My plan was to ink only a couple pens at a time (excluding purpose-inked pens), so I could cycle through them quickly and have a nice mix of pens and inks. But I want to reload and keep this combination going. The KOP is one of my most comfortable pens, and I like the bright purple ink. I’ll have to decide soon.

Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear and Montblanc "The Beatles" ink bottle

Another success has been my Hobonichi Weeks paper planner. I’ve been using it consistently, and I’ve been happy with it. It’s easy enough to carry with me all the time, at least in winter with accommodatingly large coat pockets.

My other Hobonichi, the Techo, has been a failure. While I started off using it as a morning journal it always felt like a made-up reason to justify the purchase. This week I missed a couple of mornings and didn’t miss it. I’ll keep it as a log book of sorts and maybe find a use for it.

One of the reasons I have such a hard time finding a use for the Tech is because I do use a Nanami Seven Seas Writer as a journal. This has developed into a nightly habit, so while I did skip it one night this week I missed it enough to write in it the next morning. That was the nail in the Hobonichi coffin. If there’s journal type stuff I want to write in the morning, I’ll simply use the Seven Seas Writer.

Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories – The New York Times – Some good photography.

Pens of the moment – paperinkplan – I always like seeing what other people use day-to-day.

The New Year diary. | Fountain pen blog – The part I found most interesting is the use of a single fountain pen with this diary, for the entire year. This is something I couldn’t do. I’d either run out of ink or not have the pen handy when I wanted it. And even if I didn’t have those problems, I would spend the year in fear that I would.

The Bullet Journal-Workshop (Pt. 6): Moving from A5 to A6 and combining a Weekly Planner – Scrively – note taking & writing (Video)

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  1. Thank you for the link. That Sailor King of Pen looks magnificent.Yes, for my diary/journal I try to use the same pen for a year. I have countless other notebooks on the go, for pen and ink sampling. Having said that, I have just switched to my new Faber-Castell Loom for my 2018 diary, as its medium nib was still sufficiently fine for the narrow line spacing. I figured it was early enough in the year to make the change.😊

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