Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – February 25, 2018

The three newly inked pensAnother week has come to a close. This one teased us with a taste of spring. The temperature reached into the 60’s for a couple of days, allowing for open windows, fresh air, and sitting on the patio to write. Then the trifecta of rain, sleet, and snow arrived the next day.

My fountain pen usage increased this past week considerably, at least when compared to recent weeks. Both remaining Sheaffer Balance II pens were written dry early in the week. Since then my fountain pen usage was split between my Kaweco Brass Sport (extra fine nib and Kaweco black ink), and the Pilot Vanishing Point Guilloche (XXXF nib and Pilot Red Ink). Both use ink cartridges.

I did ink up three new pens on Saturday. This year I’ve been picking three pens around a theme, although this time I cheated and picked three pens, then I looked for a theme. All I came up with was “favorites.” That was easier to sell as a theme than the more honest “Pens and inks I want to use right now.”

The Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age, newly returned from having its bent extra fine nib repaired, with Montblanc “The Beatles” ink. I’m hoping the purple still pops with the extra fine nib.

The Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (medium nib) was filled with Athena Sepia. This breaks with my tradition of only using new inks with this pen. While the ink is new to the pen, I’ve used it enough to make it a favorite.

The Montblanc Meisterstück Ultra Black LeGrand, with its oblique medium nib, was filled with the only ink its ever known, Montblanc Bordeaux.

Last week I mentioned the complete failure of my paper planner attempt this year. I’ve gone to the opposite size extreme and pulled out a Doane Large Idea Book, and have been using that as a planner/desk notebook. I still use an index card every night to plan out the next day. It’s too soon to really know, but this seems to be working. I do any “planning” right in with my daily notes. This is similar to what I did (although in a steno sized Diane notebook) several years ago, so I have high hopes. Cleaning and re-arranging my desk did free up the space needed for the over-sized notebook.


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