Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 4, 2018

Currently Inked Disposable Pens - March 2018

I just published my currently inked post, so there’s not much else to say. I’ve been consistently writing with my fountain pens this week, but only wrote in my journal three days. So, that needs to improve.

Paper planning has again migrated to using index cards almost exclusively. I’m still using the Doane Idea Book as my daily notebook, and I use it when I’m working out my plans, but not as a daily planner. The index card is easy to prop up on my desk or put in my pocket, so it’s always handy.

If you read my currently inked post, you’ll have noticed a lot of disposable fountain pens. While I picked them as a way of having a variety of colors handy, and avoid the hassle of pen cleaning, I’ve become a bit intrigued with disposable fountain pens and ordered a new (to me) brand on Friday. They should arrive this week. Who knew there were at least three brands of disposable fountain pens?

Retro 1951 Tornado “Play Ball!” Giveaway // The Clicky Post : I mentioned the Play Ball in my currently inked post, but forgot to include this link to a giveaway that The Clicky Post is running. It ends Monday.

A warning about pens in ultrasonic cleaners // Vintage Pen News : I always wondered about this since the water in mine does get warmer (relatively speaking)

Learn to Love Your Writing – guest post by The Ink Scribe // On Fountain Pens : Good advice. At one time I wanted to improve my writing but then found I wasn’t committed to the effort needed to improve it. So it is what it is. That said, I still “Write with pride and do it often.”

Limiting the number of pens I have in rotation // The Ink Smudge : Technically I have more inked pens in the rotation now than ever before (except for special cases like a pen party). But it feels like less because only three are wildcards, the other 14 serve a specific purpose, and I don’t feel compelled to use them beyond that role.

Looking for More Fine Than Extra Fine – guest post by Keith Kramer // On Fountain Pens : I can relate.

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