Notebook & Paper Declutter #2

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My ink decluttering went well and I think the ink went to people who can use and appreciate it. Now it’s time to do the same with paper. This will work as follows (paper is heavy, so delivery within the United States only).

I’ve filled a large flat rate box with pads and paper as shown below. The recipient agrees to pay $40 via PayPal send money to friends (or Square Cash if you don’t have PayPal). This covers postage and a little for gas and time but exceeds the cost of the notebooks. (Some of the notebooks are large so a large flat rate box was required, so there’s more paper in this one.)

If you want the box of paper/notebooks for $40 then:

  1. Leave a comment below. Use a valid email address in the comment (it is not shown and will not be shared) so that I can contact you for shipping information. Leave the comment before noon Eastern U.S. time on Monday, March 12th. One request (comment) per person, please. Leave the comment in the email field on the comment, not in the comment itself.
  2. The comments will be numbered and I’ll pick a recipient using a random number generator. I’ll contact the recipient via email and they’ll have 2 days to contact me with their shipping address.
  3. I’ll send out the package when I’m near the post office so it could be a couple of days. I’ll email when the package is on the way.
  4. After successful receipt of the notebooks please pay me $40 via PayPal send money to friends (or other agreed method).

The box contains the following notebooks/pads.

Contents of the box for Ink Decluttering #2

This one is has a lot of Rhodia. There’s some Rhodia #16 A5 Dotpads. That red notebook is Moleskine as are the three notebooks under it. Some Exacompta index cards are missing and some notebooks may missing (or have writing on) a page or two.

Just to try and anticipate questions:

  • Please don’t ask about specific notebooks, I’ve already sealed the box and don’t remember anything not mentioned above.
  • Payment before shipping is frowned upon (although I appreciate the offer). This way ff anything happens during shipment I don’t have to worry about a refund. If the package doesn’t arrive or is not as described just let me know and don’t pay. There won’t be any replacement for loss or damage.
  • If I’m late picking the recipient and you sneak a comment in after noon it will still be included. Any comment made before I pick the winner (and close off comments) will be valid.
  • I have more notebooks to declutter. Since the recipient is random you can ask for multiple boxes, but there’s no discount. The boxes are already chock full and sealed.

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