Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 1. 2018

Photo of my inked pens on a Nock Co Seed A5 Case
The Rotation April 1, 2018

It’s April 1st, but this is a prank/joke-free website. There wasn’t any Trail Log last week because despite being busy, my fountain pen usage was non-existent. But things did pick up considerably this past week. One pen was written dry and retired (for now), another was written dry and immediately re-inked, while two new pens and inks entered the rotation. (New to the rotation, not new to me.)

The Pilot Vanishing Point went dry early this week. Instead of flushing it out I merely removed the empty red cartridge and popped in a full Pilot black cartridge. It took less than a sentence before every trace of red was gone.

The Sailor Pro Gear Regency Strip also went dry. Because I use it in much the same way as the Vanishing Point, which now had black ink, I decided to give the Regency Stripe a break. So the Regency Stripe is in the cleaning queue, and won’t be returning in the foreseeable future.

I was a little bored with the lack of colors available in my currently inked pens. And besides, three inked pens are far too few. (Ignoring the 14 disposable fountain pens on my desk.) The disposables, with their many colors, are fine for quickly marking up documents or quick notes. But, I wanted more variety available for my longer writing.

The Visconti Brunelleschi was inked up with Montblanc Encre du Desert Brown. It’s a nice brown ink, but it’s been less than ideal with this pen. The flow seems a bit dry, and there’s an occasional skip. The ink did well in my Sailor 1911, and the Visconti has done well with other inks, so maybe it’s me. I did notice I was turning the nib a bit more than usual. Typically the pen facets help me; now they seem to annoy me. Or the ink and pen don’t get along.

The Aurora Optima was filled with another Montblanc ink, The Beatles Psychedelic Purple. I haven’t listed my top five fountain pens in awhile, but when I do this pen will be a serious contender. I’ve also become attached to purple inks, making me want to use this pen every day.

Two weeks ago I barely journaled. That changed this week. I’ve done two journal pages a day since Monday. Other fountain pen use, such as notes, checklists, and article drafts probably consumed a little more ink than my journalling.

I’ve been using the disposable fountain pens for quick notes and carrying around. I’m enjoying the Thornton’s Stationery pens less and less the more I use them. While my initial testing of each pen showed great consistency between then, that’s begun to change. I’ve used the green pen more than any others, and it’s skipping problem continues to grow. I can’t see the ink level, but if it’s near empty, then the pen holds very little ink. I’ve had other colors starting to exhibit similar changes in performance. While I do find the Thornton’s more comfortable to use than the Pilots, the Pilots are a better writing experience overall. I also like the Itoyas which have continued to perform well, but there are only Black & Blue options.

I did have a new product arrival this week. It was the Nock Co. Seed A5 case. I had a lot of hesitation before buying it but finally gave in. I hate the giant Seed tag that’s on the case but hoped it would be better in real life. It’s not; I hate it. I think it ruins the look of what is otherwise an excellent looking case with a clean design. (I’m not a fan of prominent branding on any product.) My other concern was performance and usability. While not perfect, it’s performed better than expected. I’m using it with a Nanami Crossfield notebook, and it fits fine. I’ll have to use it some more, and formulate my thoughts before I review it.

It looks like my Hippo Notebook Kickstarter will be shipping soon. There’s a good chance it will arrive just before the one year anniversary of the project closing.

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