A Blast From the Past

While shredding some old notebooks, I came across my fountain pen inventory from February 2004. It was interesting to see what my fountain pens were 14 years ago. There’s only 16, hardly an accumulation. You might almost think there was a plan. There wasn’t.

Forst page of my February 2004 pen inventory
Second page of my February 2004 pen inventory

Some random observations:

  • Of the 16 pens, 25% of them are Lamy Safari or AL-Stars, although I did call it an “All-Star” in the inventory. None of these specific Lamy pens are in my current accumulation, although there are a few replacements and an extensive collection of nibs.
  • Pilot, which was branded as Namiki in the US back in 2004, ties Lamy in popularity with another 25% of my inventory.
  • Only one Pilot Vanishing Point is in the inventory, sold as the Namiki brand back then. While this specific pen has moved on to another owner, and others have passed through my accumulation, my Vanishing Points now number four. And like Lamy, I have more nibs than pens.
  • All of the more expensive fountain pens are still in my accumulation, although none see much use these days.
  • I already had a Pelikan in 2004. While that particular pen has moved on, the flock has grown to five. Seven if I include the Pelikano and Future.

2 thoughts on “A Blast From the Past

    • Hi, rupertarzeian,

      I enjoyed the flashback to see what I was using long ago. The Edson was expensive back then, but I was shocked when I saw the four-figure list price not too long ago. It’s the one pen I could probably sell for more than I paid for it, even after using it.

      Thanks for reading,

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