Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – May 6, 2018

Another week of consistent, but low, fountain pen usage. From a glass half full point of view, I used a couple of fountain pens every day. I averaged one A5 page per day in addition to the usual notes and lists.

From a glass half empty point of view, I didn’t write any pen dry and didn’t I skipped my journal entry one day.

I still have 14 inked up fountain pens. To work through them I pick two pens a day and put them in the holder on my desk to use throughout the day. I take the next two in the pen case to avoid picking favorites. In addition to those, I use my Pilot Vanishing Point (black in, XXF nib) daily for note taking and as a pocket carry.

Despite not wanting to pick favorites, I have come to prefer two of the pens over all the others. The Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen with its medium nib and Papier Plum Burgundy ink, along with the Fisher of Pens Hermes with its extra fine nib and Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku ink. There were times where these two stole time from the two pens I had picked for the day. These pens helped lighten the mood when taking notes for something I didn’t otherwise find enjoyable but had to do.

Photo of the Sailor KOP and Fisher of Pens Hermes

Is this thing on? | From the Pen Cup // Mary writes about a thinner refill for Retro 51s. I picked up three (black, red, green). It’s even thinner than the 0.6 mm P8126 refill I typically use. It’s a 0.4 mm gel refill which makes it significantly thinner. My order arrived Thursday, so I haven’t used them much. It’s been awhile since I used gel ink so that takes some getting used to, but I like the thin line.

Getting mixed up – into the Wild Blue Yonder | Slightly unnerved //  can relate to the ever-expanding shopping cart despite only wanting one item.

Inky Fingers | The Pen Habit // Matt will be ending The Pen Habit. The existing videos will be up a while, but there won’t be any new videos. I can relate to not needing (or wanting) new pens and the lack of interest in reviews. Thanks for the videos Matt, and enjoy life.

Stormy Scene with Quink and Bleach | FOUNTAIN PEN INKS & BLEACH